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Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots Season 1 Episode 2

I love the things Tyler Perry comes up with.  Catch up as I spill my TEA reviews on Episode 2 of Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots.

The bedroom scene between Candace and her mom Hanna was off the change.  Honey, Hanna slapped her daughter Candace and then Candace raised her hand up to slap her mom back.  Then Candace laying in Mr. and Mrs. Cryer's bed talking about she want to live like this.  It has been a dream of her's.   Isn't that every girl's dream, to live foot loose fancy free and be rich?  Candice girl you better watch it, I think you're playing with fire. 

I just LUV this PIC of Tyler and Oprah

I also found out Candace set up Jim Cryer.  Like she did all this research online about him so she could trap him into sleeping with her, become a friend to his daughter Amanda, and then black mail him into giving her whatever she demands out of him. 

I know Tika Sumpter when she played on the BET Tv show THE GAME as Jenna.  But she has also acted on DAYTIME Award Winning Soap Opera show One Life to Live
Oh, and I can't wait for the relationship between Kathryn and Hanna to develop full out.  Hanna tries to take very good care of her, but you know Kathryn usually fights her on it.  I believe Hanna is also a cancer survivor.  We see her change into one wig from another when she goes to Wednesday night bible study, so I'm assuming that is what she was sick from. 

David  and Victoria Harrington from The Haves and The Have Nots.  It opened to 1.77 million views. The9pm episode bought in 1.57 million viewers and the 10pm was at 1.67.  These are pretty high numbers for the OWN cable network.  Find out what the other Tv show was.  I'll give you a hint it was Michael's sister.

Plus, is everyone in to threaten Candace, because they feel it will scare her out of the Cryer house.  Wyatt tried to scare her into buying drugs for her, by telling her he saw his daddy and her kissing and Jim threatens to have something done to her physically if she doesn't stop black mailing him and move out of his house. 

Candace do you like old guys?  This was a question Wyatt hinted at her to let her know he saw her last night with his dad. 

Oprah took a lot of slack for her network not being so hott, but since the premier of Tyler Perry's The Haves or The Have Nots she had a little bit or relief Read More>>

And is Jeffery Harrington gay?  Amanda seems to not believe it, because she thinks Jeffery has a crush on Candace.  However, Candace thinks differently.  She says he is gay and it's a shame he has to hide in the dark about it.  

Wyatt caught him in the act though! 

He set up a video camera when Jeffery came in to check on him for lunch in his bedroom and recorded the LOOK that Jeffery gave him while walking out of the bedroom when Wyatt told Jeffery he wanted to get some rest.  You had to watch in order to see the look.  You know it was a look a woman would give a man to show she is interested.  You know when we bat our eyes and kind of lick our lips a little.  Ugh, I can't explain it no better than that. 

Here's what many of you are saying about The Haves and the Have Nots. 

How would you feel if you had to have someone with you 24 hours a day.  They go to the bathroom with you, eat, and even try to be in your every thought. 

Wyatt hates it and pretty much says it's tough to deal with.

Hanna decides to take Celine's advice and not tell the Cryers that Candace is her daughter.  She states she was sick a couple of months ago and she can't afford to lose her job.   

Read More>>
Jim Cryer is informed by David Harrington that their are people in their circle that want him to run for governor.  But he says there is a problem and the problem is Candace.  He says he met Candace online and it was just sex between them.  David became angry and says what about your wife.  Jim says he only uses his wife for appearance.  Jim also tells David Candace is black mailing him for $100,000 and a sports car.


David asked Jim what proof does Candace have on Jim, because he wants her to go away.   Of course it's the usually emails, texts, and DNA.  Pay the woman David insists!
And where are my manners.  Honey I haven't even introduce Candace's good looking brother.  He lives at the house with their mother and I found out Candace actually helps pays the mortgage.  Like for real! 

My Review

Queen Moore
Tyler Perry really knows how to bring the drama to television.  I'm so use to his television shows
being full of laughter and sadness, but never this dramatized. 

All I can do is to encourage you all to stay tune.  This show is only setup to air 16 episodes on OWN. 

I was blown away by the bedroom scene between Candace and her mother Hanna.  I wouldn't even think about slapping my mother no matter what our relationship is like.

Finding out Jeffery Harrington is gay, kind of took me by surprise too, but my blinders weren't closed all the way.  On the first episode he seemed kind of gayish, but you know how people are...they try to hide what they really are and instead give people what they want to see.

Oprah and Tyler Perry look exhausted, but hard work pays off.  It is looking more stable for the OWN channel. Read More>>

But the most explosive part of Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots was when I found out Candace set up Jim Cryer and then him mentioning he just married his wife for appearances.  Like clearly Kathryn is in love with her husband.  You can tell she is probably drowning her problems by drinking lots of alcohol and she is depress, because she knows what her husband does, but she still puts up with his B/S.  Um, Um, Um, that's every girls worse nightmare to find out your husband is cheating and you feel like there is really nothing you can do about it.  But I am cheering Kathryn on and I know Hanna is going to be her backbone when Kathryn picks herself up and puts her life back together. 

Did You Know...
It's was Tyler Perry's ideal to come to OWN.  Before he decided to come to OWN, he was thinking about starting his own network. Read More>>
Tyler Perry tells us Oprah is not a control freak, she let's go and let him do what he does best.  He also tells the people that have been supporting him since day one to watch the show.  It won't disappoint you.  Read More>>
Oprah also talks about the show Fix My Life with Iyanla.  She says with Iyanla came on her talk show the final year it aired she knew she was a godsend and the show will be successful.  Read More>>
The Preview Party held at Atlanta's House wife Cynthia Baily's husband club called Bar One

Tyler Perry in his home May 28 getting ready for the premier of his new Tv show The Haves and the Have Nots.

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  1. Why are the love scenes between Candace and Judge Crier so subdued? We do not see the same lovemaking that we would see between a white man and a white woman or a black man and a black woman. Am I the only one who sees this? They don't even tongue kiss. We see them dressing afterwards....really??? I see more on day time TV.


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