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Fantasia new album 2013

Support Fantasia's new album Side Effects of You and
 listen to her newest
single Lose to Win
Fantasia new album called the Side Effects of You is in stores.  Please support her.  She has come from a mighty long way. 

There are many great things I can say about Fantasia!  One may look at her and say: girl you had it bad there for a little while, but you survived.  I never want my readers to think that I am putting a person down for their faults, and especially a woman.  So, the things that I am about to say are the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.  I look at Fantasia and I look at my own life situations and say girl if you did it, than I know I can do it.  Let me just back up to 2010 and explain her story...
So, we all know it's been very rough for Fantasia and it all started around December of 2009.  Fantasia was offered a VH-1 8 episode, 30 minute documentary of her life.  She allowed the cameras to come inside of her home, so that we as fans can get to know her crazy family, her only
child at the time name Zion, and get up close and personal with Fantasia.  We learned a lot from her and one of the biggest accomplishments I learned was when I watched her go back to school to get her GED (So if you think you haven't done anything right Fantasia, you should be very proud of that.  This will continue to inspire people for along time to come). 
So getting  back to her reality show...It actually did quite well and in April of 2010, VH-1 announced they will be doing a second season with her that aired in October of 2010.  However, I don't think Fantasia plan on airing her dirty laundry that she was involved, sleeping, and became pregnant with a married man's baby.    Okay, so let's rewind a little bit more...
Antwaun, Fantasia, and Wife Paula
Photo Credit: Wendy
In August of 2009 Fantasia meets a man and it's not just a regular single man...He was a man that was married for about 5 years with 2 children working at the T-Mobile cell phone store.  For real...that's what I said...
Fantasia said she was attracted to Antwaun, because he was from North Caroline, which is the same
Antwaun Cook
place she is from and he was not a rapper, but just a regular person.  So, anyway these two start dating and Fantasia knew Antwaun was married, but Antwaun told Fantasia he had been separated from his wife since late summer of 2009, which is right before they started dating.  It turns out though he wasn't. 

Antwaun's wife finds out and I was trying to get a good plot of information for you guys on the Internet, but it's kind of a mix revelation.  So, I have two stories.  (1) Antwaun and wife Paula Cook was suppose to meet in New Orleans to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but he never showed and this was the night she found out about Fantasia. (2) Paula found out from family members, phone calls, and text messages that Antwaun was dating Fantasia.  Okay, you guys! So I was so intrigue by all this drama that I found the actually complaint of Paula Cook filing her divorce papers.  Click here to read a PDF style format of it.
So, after reading that document, Fantasia honey you sound like a home wrecker, Paula claimed you to be.  I just don't understand why Fantasia continued to chase after him.  In the complaint it stated he left his wife, but went back to her.  Do you understand that HE WENT BACK TO HER!!!  It also stated how Fantasia would repeatedly call this man's phone to hopefully convenience him to possible leave his wife.
The relationship begin as an on again off again relationship with Fantasia.   According to Antwaun's wife Paula Cook, they were married in October of 2005 and only started living separated June 16, 2010. 
Cook Family
Miss Cook accused Fantasia of being a home wrecker due to a few of these things: Antwaun and Fantasia carried on a relationship before their separation, they made a sex tape together (you are naive honey for making a sex tape with a man you barely know), they frequently visited bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and even got matching tattoos. A lawsuit came into place, because North Carolina is one of the 7 states, that allows a party to sue a home wrecker
Click to read documents filed by Antwaun's wife Paula Cook and I promise it reveals the real truth. 
To add whip cream to the mess Fantasia had got herself into, she tried to commit suicide by over  dosing on pills.  And later on we end up finding out she became pregnant by Antwaun, in which she had a beautiful baby boy, whose name is Dallas Xavier Barrino in December 2011.  Essence Magazine revealed on their website March 2013 that Fantasia is no longer with Antwaun and she says she had to get to a place where she can love herself, because she has never done that.  
Antwaun's last name tattooed on Fantasia
Photo Credit: Kimora Cochran

You know my girl has definitely been fighting some dark places in her life.  But thank Jesus it's a brand new day for our girl.  I absolutely LOVE ME SOME FANTASIA.  Her single Baby Mamas is still one of my favorite songs from her.  I hope this mess has taught her some real life lessons, because when the next man comes and oh he is coming, she should be strong enough to handle most of the excitement that will come with that relationship.  In the meantime time and in between time, I suggest you focus on your children Fantasia and enjoy your spotlights.  You have a testimony that you can use later in life to write a book or do a movie.  I'm sure lifetime would love to get in on the action. 

Fantasia Performing her single Lose to Win on American Idol

But today, we celebrate your 4th album called Side Effects of You, which features your new inspiring single called Lose to Win.  May I also add she lost a few pounds...and she looks FAB!!!
 Get your question answered... 

on Fantasia'
new album 2013, you
on American Idol

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