Tyler Perry The Haves and the Have Nots Rewind

Episode One we learn the Cryer Family is having many problems.  
They have two children.  A daughter named Amanda who likes to cut herself a son Wyatt in rehab recovering from his drinking habit, but it's not going too well. 
One of Amanda's friend is black and she is an escort.  Amanda lets this friend named Candace come over and stay at her home, but before I go into the party scene drama, we learn Candace has slept with Amanda's dad. 
Are you interested to read what's next? 

Tyler and Oprah aren't the only two making headlines.  We keep seeing this girl's face more and more in sitcoms.  She acted on soap opera One Life to Live, so Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots seems like it's right up her alley.  She also starred in BET's show The Game as Malik's drug addict girlfriend. 
But in Tyler Perry's new show on OWN Tika Sumpter plays an escort that is blackmailing Jim Cryer for money.  I knew she could play any part that was offered to her, but I'm interested to see how much Tyler Perry pulls from her.  Meaning will she be a great actress or an actress we want more of.  Only time will tell.  I'm really cheering this girl on!
Episode Two was a match made in heaven during that bedroom scene between Candace and her mother Hanna.  For those of you who don't know Hanna is a maid working in the Cryer household.  Hanna pretty much disowns her daughter, because she knows the type of life Candace is living, but does she really know her daughter as good as she thinks she does is the question.
I found out from the first episode that even though Candace is an escort she pays her mother's mortgage and helps out in other ways.  Her brother keeps this from their mother and I don't think Candace wants her mother to know anyway. 
I just really think that is amazing of Candace.  So many times many of us want credit for everything we do for a person.  And that statement holds true especially when it's a person we don't care for.  I can't wait for that whole mess with their family to come out in the open and we hear what Hanna has to say about that.  Knowing her character she'll probably be the unappreciated type. 
We also found out that Jeffery is gay and Kathryn Cryer drinks alcohol heavy to drown out her problems with her husband. 
Kathryn Cryer having a break down moment
Kathryn has showed up and showed out!  I don't know what it is about that bedroom scene but it totally curves my toes.  This week she allowed us in her head and what she's been thinking about these last two episodes.  She says she knows her husband is cheating, because of his history.  Honey he not only cheated with the secretary, but with her sister too! BOOM in your face right?  I know, that's what I said. 

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