Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Struggling with Weight loss: I've Been Eating This Way My Entire Life

I have been on a Biggest Loser Challenge with my church Family for almost 2 months.  Overall, I have lost 7 pounds in about 7 weeks.  Just over a year ago I lost 25 pounds before beginning this challenge without working out and eating right.  So, that's a total weight loss of 32 pounds.  I'm very proud of where I'm headed, but geesh I wish I was way lighter than I am now. 

6 things, I have changed within the last 7 weeks are:
  1. No Sodas
  2. I eat out maybe 4 times a month
  3. Exercise at least 45 minutes 6-7 days a week.  Sometimes I can get 90 minutes if I feel energized.
  4. My calorie intake is 1300 on a normal day, but no more than 1500 calories on a lazy day.
  5. ELIMINATED SWEETS! This is a big one for me.  I still eat sweets, but my intake is way less than what it use to be. 
  6. Eat what you want, but in moderation.  Ex 1: If you want McDonald's, than eat the burger, grab a diet drink or water, and absolutely no French fries.  Ex 2: If you like soda's try a diet soda.  Diet Dr. Pepper is just a good as a regular Dr. Pepper and so is Pepsi Max zero calories. 
So, with those few things decreased in my life I would have thought I would have been 20 pounds lighter rather than just the 7 pounds for the last 7 weeks.  The truth is, it's a struggle everyday.  I struggle to:
  1. Exercise
  2. Eat right
  3. Plan my meals
I've been eating whatever I want for my entire life.  So rather than completely giving up, I try to look at this challenge as a lifestyle change.  Therefore, when the challenge is over I will and can continue this journey. 

I wanted to share with you some weight loss stories from the Internet and from Celeb's.

Jennifer Hudson just look so blessed!  You know she is on that weight watchers diet.  That's why I say she look so bless, because I can't eat that diet food.  I have tried it and literally got sick from it.  Instead I eat in moderation and control portion size.  Which is really what weight watcher in my opinion is all about.  But you go Jenn!  One more thing!  You know when you have been a big girl all your life, your face bone is one thing the doctor or no work out can change.  I'm not trying to put her down, but her head looks slightly big for her body.

Jennifer Hudson weight loss picture After and Before.  I don't want to be that thin, but
I'll like to be close to that size. 

I love me some Queen Latifah. Her weight to me fluctuates, but  no matter if she is the girl to the left or the right she is so beautiful to me.  Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover Girl!

Queen Latifah weight loss picture.  She looks good on both pics. 
By the way she has a talk show coming out in the fall.
Now my next Celebrity weight loss guest has really shed the pounds.  I'm very interested to see  how Monique Hicks did it.  One fact I do know is she is happy regardless of her size.  And do you see what I'm talking about when I say the face size never really goes.  Like you know some of the excess weight disappears from it, but the head size remains the same. 

Monique Hicks Weight Loss Picture.  I truly believes
she is happy at any size. 

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