Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Braxton's Season 3, Episode 10

Trina's Single Party or Go Home has really grown on me during The Braxton's Season 3, Episode 10
Trina Braxton
Back in the ATL Trina continues to work on her dance moves for her new single Game Time.  She says she has been so busy with her son's bullying issues and convincing Gabe to move to LA, that she has not had enough time to practice.  Toni Braxton though, has invited her to perform this single at an upcoming concert she has coming up, so Trina is in a frenzy to get this going with only two days of rehearsal.  Her dancers have already backed out and looks like she has to depend on her sisters Towanda and Traci for help. 

As Toni prepares for her concert she asked her sisters Trina and Towanda to do her back up, but she is also very supportive of her sister doing her single Party or Go Home too.  When Toni finds out her sisters are trying to learn this choreographer in a day, she gets pretty upset.  Trina says she is not worrying about embarrassing Toni Braxton, but rather herself.  She says she is still riding the coat tail of Toni.  Then we find out no one knows the lyrics.  Like really Trina!  Are you trying to put this thing together at the last minute? 
Towanda, Trina, and Traci performing her Single
Party or Go Home

Trina says she is willing to put in all the work, even if it takes all night!  You're very beautiful Trina, but we all need our beauty rest hunnie...I'm so glad I'm not in Traci and Towanda's shoes.  And I'm also happy to see the sisters including Traci in their music career.


Evelyn Braxton says she is really happy to be there for Tamar and the baby.  She was there for her other girls and her son and she will be there for Tamar.  However, she didn't say the stay at Tamar's was going to be easy going.  Tamar says her mother needs to watch what she eats, but Tamar still wants her mom to cook what she wants for her.  Chicken and macaroni, fried or smoother are at the top of her list. 
Tamar and her mother Evelyn at the
BET Celebration of Gospel 2013

Traci says all her sister Tamar does is shop and eat while she is pregnant.  I must say Tamar is carrying her pregnancy well and when Evelyn says she needs to attend a parenting class I was like WHAT?  Tamar says she doesn't need any parenting classes, because she watched her mother and sister raise many. 

Traci tries to give Tamar a little scare by telling her she has to push out the placenta once she pushes out the baby.  Tamar says she thought it was just suppose to fall out by itself.  Girl, I once thought that too, but you live and you learn. 
Dr. Jackie from Married to Medicine
will be delivering Tamar's baby?

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