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Queen Bee Sting: Married to Medicine

The cast of Married to Medicine Atlanta

Drama spills over at a wine tasting gathering when Mariah confronts Kari about brushing off Quad.  Elsewhere, sibling competition surfaces when Simone's sister arrives, and Jackie discloses a stunning secret.

Married to Medicine's
 Kari Wells states the
biggest misconception
is that we have easy

The drama unfolded on Kari this episode.  I had never picture her to throw shades, but she did. 

Her character on the first two episodes of Married to Medicine Atlanta Show betrayed a loving wife and a great supportive friend.  She's was a little up tight and kind of stiff, but I liked her.  After, seeing episode 3 she seems like a two face friend.  You know those types...Smile in your face one minute, but talk ish as soon as you step on their toes. 

Finally, after sipping what seemed like to me glasses and glasses of wine from Kari, she caught on to Mariah's body language.  Mariah was very pissed off that Kari uninvited Quad.  Which is her best friend, but isn't Kari too?  That look from Miss Mariah was so intense and she was coming after Kari, whether Kari was ready for it or not. 

That look from Miss
Mariah was so intense
while sipping wine
with Kari
This whole drama at the wine tasting was over an issue with the wives husband's birthday party, which started on episode 2.  Kari got upset with Quad for calling her a medical mistress.  Quad referred to Kari in that way, because Kari's husband Dr. Duncan Wells was still married when they meet.  Kari shares this information with Quad unwillingly and then Quad turns around and uses the information against Kari, because she was upset about how Kari and Toya treated her in the very first episode.

In the first episode Kari called Quad some things and wasn't really looking to make a friend with her and Quad felt attacked, like Kari and Toya really didn't want to give her chance to start a friendship.  This all started at Mariah's house for her birthday party, but it continue to another party called Docs with Docks, in which Mariah again hosted this party at her house and the drama just continued to unfold.  But it was there, that it was first mention, that Kari did not want Quad at her home for the husband's birthday party.  
Married to Medicine

So, with Mariah and Kari husband's been close friends both inside and outside of work, the wives thought it would be grand to throw them this upscale birthday party.  Oh, but wait until we see episode 4...Mariah you should have listen to that small voice who told you this was a bad ideal.  I'll have details following soon about that episode!  
Episode 5 will show the brawl between Toya and Mariah from Married to Medicine...Stay Tuned!

While at the wine tasting Mariah tells us that Kari and her have been friends for 4 years and the wine tasting was a reality check about their friendship.  She also goes on to suggest Kari to write her check for her coins, as in Mariah's coins for the husband's birthday party, because she is pulling out. 

Now exactly how many coins is that?  Is it what I call petty change?  Maybe a few hundred or a few thousand?  Definitely doesn't sound like coins or petty change to me.

Married to Medicine's Kari
Mariah tells us that Kari and her have
been friends for
4 years and the wine tasting was a
check about their
Oh, but wait...

The drama didn't really unfold until Kari calls Mariah low class.  I can't believe Mariah took that.  You know Mariah really didn't hit below the belt on Kari.  Kari, honey! How dare you!  But the part I trip out on is how quickly they made up after, Mariah just called the party off.  Even after Kari told Mariah to use the money to pay for her therapy session.  So, even though the ladies threw shades and argued about unnecessary  things they made up...  

Married to Medicine Dr. Jackie
Meet Dr. Jackie Walters

Who in the world puts sun tan lotion and shampoo in a goody bag for a breast cancer event for the breast cancer patient? 

The stunning secret we learn about Dr. Jackie is she is a 2 time surviving breast cancer patient. Wow!!!  This episode really had me engaged into Jackie's family. 

You know I didn't think she would allow us to get this up close and personal with her.  She just didn't seem like the type.  You  know like when Eric Snow's ex wife and ex member of the reality show the Real Housewives of Atlanta Deshawn was so nice and friendly and caring, and it turns out everything wasn't so Georgia Peachy after all.  After, Deshawn split from the show she divorced her husband, but that's not the best juice of it.  Her ex husband had a mistress and a baby.  Can you say boom!!! 

I don't like to hear stories like that, but after everything was said and done Deshawn I heard is

Look at the before and after!
Ex Atlanta Housewives cast member
Deshawn Snow lost
her weight after the divorce.
Can you say Boom in your face
Eric Snow.
Go Girl!
looking great and doing quite well for herself. 

Okay, so back to Dr. Jackie...She is also a second mother (stepmom) to her daughter.  I was wondering why Dr. Jackie did not have any children of her own, but we find out due to the cancer it caused infertility.  Wow, again!!!  I love the fact that Jackie let us in on her personal life.  I think if she keeps moving in this direction they will keep her on the show. 

Okay so let's rewind a little.

The day of Jackie's breast cancer event 50 Shades of Pink.  She stated when she first got the news of her results, she thought they were giving her the results for a patient of hers, but the news was actually for her.  She stated the breast cancer made her a better person, but the lost of fertility is the hardest part.  She delivers babies for a living and her not being able to have kids is pretty tough.  Wow, again and again!

I was just so shocked at all Jackie had to tell us.  This episode really shined some light in her personal life in a way that a lot of us can relate to her.  And I haven't heard anyone say Jackie won't return if there is a second season, but her life seemed rather boring at first.  Good job on stepping up Dr. Jackie, because I thought most doctor's lives was sort of boring and you were kind of driving that point home.   

Toya with her husband Dr. Eugene staring at their maybe 1.3 million dollar home. 
Just one Question?
Toya and her husband seem to really have it together.  They have beautiful children, their marriage seems strong, and their wealthy.  Who would not love to have a life like that?

Oh goodness, here I go!

But my question is...Can Toya and her husband Dr. Eugene really afford a 1.3 million dollar home?  I want you to know I don't count anyone's money, but my own!  It seems kind of strange that they would wait until now to buy a home and if this is your dream home..than why not say you were saving for it or I have been shopping around and haven't found any home that fits my interest.  Instead, she waits until now to find a home.  So, of course her story line for the season will probably be circled around this dream home of hers.  Sounds kind of boring Toya.  This is reality television and you're going to have to show us more honey, more. 

Once again, I don't count anyone's money, but what's the real deal with this?

My highlights from Married to Medicine Season One Episode 3

Kari Wells
She is married to Dr. Duncan
I believe she works for
his office.
Works for her husband's Dr. office.  Does he pay her?  If so,  is it worth it to pay her or save that position for another person and pay that person less of a salary.  I'm pretty sure he pays a nice pretty penny.  But I'm just saying what I'm saying...

Married to Medicine's Quad
Don't you just love
the things that come out of Quad's mouth.  "10 yards of someone's crap." I was also wondering has Quad and Mariah being friends longer than Mariah and Kari? 

Dr. Simone is always teased by
Dr. Jackie and her
sister about her weight. 
A doctor wearing hand me downs.  Is it being cheap or smart shopping.  I'll take smart shopping for free.  Oh my gosh! When you get some nice hand me downs from someone who is just your size and likes the things you like that's a deal.  I love the way Simone and her sister Carmen show that sister love on television.  You can tell it's so real. 

Check back next week to get this question answered below:

The moment we have been waiting for:  Will Quad be reinvitited to the party for the wives husband's birthday party?  And we know it's going to be a disaster due the ridiculous fighting among Mariah and Toya.  Here's a glimpse of what's going to happen. Oh my goodness, I can't wait...too excited! And no I'm not excited about the fight, but the drama stirred up in it.
You ladies are doctor wives.  You have it all, but yet and still it had to be that way. 

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