Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Braxton's Season 3 Episode 6

Again, on The Braxton's Season 3 Episode 6
The Braxton sisters celebrate the New Season of Braxton Family Values
the sisters go out to dinner to have some sister time.  They discuss their dad's birthday party coming up.  Tamar says she will hire waiters to bring her food, because she doesn't want everyone's germs.  Towanda says she is not close to her father's side of the family.  Her ratchet Aunt Bev and her ratchet daughter are on the top of the list.  One of the cousins said on Facebook they don't "F" with The Braxton Family Values, and then more cousins started talking smack about their mom, said Toni is a has been, the sisters are all hoes, and Tamar will be no more than a background singer, they hope Vince divorces Tamar, Traci is an alcoholic, and Traci needs to get a job, but she states she has had a job for 15 years.  Does Traci Braxton have a job for real?

Traci then states she went to a gun class.  She states she needs a gun, because people are following her. Boo-Boo it's called fame.  Honey you have made!  She says people are jumping out their cars saying Oh My Gosh, Traci!!! The sisters suggest she gets a bodyguard instead.  Traci you know you got a hot temper, girl get your lifeeeeee!  On another note, she states she wasn't seeking approval from her sisters, but wanted them to beware of what she thinking about doing. 

So, the girls fly out to Baltimore, Maryland for the Braxton's dad 65th birthday party.  Towanda says their was a lot of smiling facing that were nice to see.  Tamar says the party is ghetto fabulous, but it really isn't fabulous, because they are still in the ghetto, cause it has a buffet, bring your own drinks, and they have church tables in the banquet hall.  As they anticipate the arrive of Michael Braxton senior, he arrives in a cape, a pimp hat, pimp glasses, grill in his mouth, and his gold shoes.  He came passing out big money, because he says he is big daddy and big daddy always give big money. 

Aunt Beverly stands up to give her speech to welcome everyone and Towanda says she has always been ratchet.  Here's why Aunt Bev called Michael Braxton's ex wife, his baby mama.  Towanda says they were married for 35 years, there is no such thing as being a baby mama for 35 years, duh.  Tamar says one of the definition of being ratchet is when you in you 60s and you still being shady, why did you call my daddy's ex wife, his baby mama. 

The sisters get up to tell their dad they love him very much and Toni Braxton did not get the clearance from her doctor's to fly to Maryland, but they give their dad the first class cruise for his birthday as a present. 

Aunt Beverly calls Trina over to talk to her.  The sisters are ferocious about their little talk, but Trina is discussing with her about the comment she made about the sister's mother.  Aunt Beverly says the Family Value part in The Braxton's Family Values title is wrong.  I guess meaning the sisters have no value.  Deuces, Tamar says to Aunt Beverly. 

Then Braxton senior turns the music up by playing Trina's single Party or Go Home and dances with his girls.  It was really cute!

The next day the girls continue to celebrate their dad's birthday and the biggest question the sisters have is "Why do they think Aunt Beverly got up and referred to their mom as a Baby Mama?"  Braxton Senior replied with "Y'all know my sister is WHACK!" 

We also found out Evelyn Braxton is in the hospital due to diabetic complications. 

Meanwhile, Toni gets a visit from BabyFace.  Towanda set it up for BabyFace to make a visit to Toni's house, but Toni was unaware of it.  Toni Braxton met with BabyFace in 1990 and 6 months later she was doing the Boomerang soundtrack.  Toni tells BabyFace she doesn't want to sing about music anymore and he ask is she happy right now.  She says she is happy sometimes, but  with the divorce she has ups and downs.  She says when BabyFace and LA Reid signed her, they just signed her and not her sisters.  She remembers feeling torn about that, but when she made her solo career she always knew she was going to bring her sisters in it.  BabyFace says when he first met her she had so much pain in her voice and that made her hot.  People still want to hear her today and she shouldn't do a record just for success.  Michael Jackson did records for success, because he wanted to sell more and more.  He states, he thinks she just needs to take a breath and come by the studio, but he is not going to give up on her. 

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from The Braxton's
Family Value Party
Season 3
The sisters
 celebrate their
dad's ratchet
 birthday party
 Toni tells us
why she no longer
wants to sing.
Evelyn has a
health scare.


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