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Live! American Idol Season 12, Episode 32

The top 4 singers Amber Holcomb, Angie Miller, Kree Harrison, and Candice Glover compete for a second time.  The votes from April 24 and May 1 will be combined to determine the three finalists.  A few of the guest in the audience tonight were Babyface and Carole Bayer Sager.   

American Idol Season 12 Episode 32: Kree, Amber, Candice, & Angie
 My Eyes Are Always glued to Nicki Minaj:  As I was watching the judges walk out from backstage at the beginning of Idol, I noticed how I always have my eyes glued to the television to see what costume Nicki Minaj will have on next.  I did notice she had on her black wig with the pretty bangs, but I really didn't pay any attention to Mrs. Mariah Carey, but that's not anything new!  However, I will say Mariah was speaking up tonight and she gave Miss Nicki Minaj a little shade honey.  I have actually been hearing they are thinking about replacing Mariah Carey with Jennifer Lopez.  So, does that mean it's going to be another season of American Idol in 2014 or is American Idol just blowing smoke...Hmmm (What are your takes on this)?

Tonight the top 4 American Idol girls will be singing two themes, which are "songs from 2013, followed by "Standards" with help of mentor Harry Connick Jr. 

Angie went first performing Rihanna's single "Diamond."  All of the judges hated her performance and so did I.  Nicki Minaj told Angie this actually seem different than any of your other piano performances I ever witness, because normally when you are on the piano you're so connected and it's almost like you want to be a fly on the wall in Angie's room.  This one you kind of was making more eye contact with the audience, trying to boast the performance more with your body and less with your heart.  It was bland, it was lack luster.  You can do a lot better.

Yes, indeed you can Angie.  I really like her and if it wasn't from that Halo's performance 2 weeks ago, which might I add stills has me flying in the sky with you girl, I would say this performance was pretty weak. 

Amber Holcomb sung Pink's Give Me a Reason.  Randy's critique was right on point when he said during a lot of the previous seasons in this point of the competition, the fun goes away and everyone is thinking about the end.  Then he ask Amber did she have fun and she pretty much said NO.  Her performance was not stellar and it needs to be stellar at this point.  Mariah stated before Amber performed her second song that she believed Amber would bring the stellar performance and then some...

To be honest Amber I couldn't wait until the song was over.  However, I love the fact that your dad was crying.  Do you remember before Lazaro got voted off of Idol?  Remember when I said it looks like he just gave up and his demeanor was just off?  That's how I felt about you tonight Amber.  I wish you wouldn't give up that easy dear. 

Candice Glover blew us out of your world with Bruno Mars When I Was Your Man.  She said she did the song, because it was coming from a man's point of view and wanted to tell a story of what he went through.  You know I think me and Harry Connick Jr heard something a little different in your voice tonight.  I heard country, but Harry Connick Jr. heard pop.  It was very nice to hear a different sound from you tonight!  Once, again girl when you hit those high notes, it sends chills up and down my arms.  I just want you to know if you were a man singing like that to me honey child, I couldn't resist you. 

Randy said you can sing anything.  Mariah told you, that you will find songs to suit you and that is what makes you different from the other competitor's.  Keith said he didn't care about the man thing at all, she could of sing it to him if he was and Miss Nicki Minaj said that performance deserved a standing ovation.  Oh, and then Miss Minaj said she is not sure if you lost some weight, but you look great and honey I agree!  Yay Candice, well done!!!!

Kree Harrison spent her time with Harry practicing Carrie Underwood's See You Again.  She states she really needs to connect with the crowd again.  Harry loved Kree's version of Carrie Underwood's song and also he would say yes to helping  Kree with her record if she called him for help.  WOW!!! 

Mariah stated with this being the brand new single from Carrie Underwood she felt like Kree was connected and deliver the soul even though she didn't go wild at the end with her vocals.  I agree with Keith that song was power ballad and there was conflict of what we were seeing.  Meaning the conflict is what we are seeing and feeling, so you keep waiting for the thing to be bigger,  because that's what I'm hearing, but the environment was more of a quiet scene.  Nicki Minaj stated she love the performance! 

This is for your FYI, on second song choice

Angie Miller sung "Someone to Watch Over Me"
Amber Holcomb sung "My Funny Valentine By"
Candice Glover sung "You Changed" By: Billie Holiday
Kree Harrison sung : "Stormy Weather" By: Lena Horne

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