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The Braxton's Season 3 Episode 4

Toni Braxton comes back to re-visit Dr. Sherry Blake on The Braxton's Season 3 Episode 4.

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She says she doesn't want be involve in her sister's arguments anymore, but she wants to resolve the issues swirling between her and Tamar. 

Trina treats her mother Evelyn Braxton out to lunch and apologizes for the way she treated her mother in the therapy session on Episode 4.  Trina in the last episode feud a little with her mother, because she thinks her mother alway seems to take Tamar side, but Miss Evelyn says she doesn't take sides with any one of her daughters.  Instead she supports them all in their own special way. 

It was great to finally see Traci's husband Kevin on the show after two seasons of airing The Braxton Family Values.  May I add he is noting like I imagine.  I picture a strict guy who in my mind sort of controlling.   Instead, we see a charming and loving husband/dad. 

Traci Braxton and her husband Kevin

Michael Braxton Senior is in town and challenges Tamar to a dance competition.  Tamar gives him a tap dance and Braxton Senior instead gives her a stanky leg dance.  He is actually in town, because his ex wife Evelyn, the sister's mother called him and ask could he help straighten out the attitudes stirring around among the sisters.  Tamar says she loves when her dad comes in to town, because he makes her laugh and never judges her.

Being in the hot seat is something Tamar Braxton is not a fan of, but her dad was able to convince Tamar to speak to her sister Toni Braxton about issues going on in their relationship.   She walks into the living room to be greeted by all of the sisters and Evelyn, except Traci.  Who flew back home to take care of her husband who was hospitalize

Trina Braxton poses with
Love & Hip-Hop's
Stevie J and girlfriend
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The sister feel if their mother Evelyn and if their dad Michael can get along, then there is hope for them.  Tamar calls the therapy session a Tamar Intervention, because she felt everyone was attacking her.  Toni says the therapy was suppose to be all of the sisters telling her how they feel.  Tamar says her feelings were hurt during the therapy session and again says her sisters are bashing her and going back into the past about things that happen 15 years ago. 

Toni ask Tamar does she think sometimes people need an apology to move forward?  Because Toni says her feelings were really hurt after the therapy session.  Tamar says it is not fair, because she has to swallow ever feeling and emotion her sisters give her and whatever she gives back she has to apologize for hers and that's the unfair part. 

Toni says she wants an apology from Tamar for the smartness comment she made about her sisters being jealous of the Tamar and Vince show. 

Evelyn tells the girls that need to apologize to one another and move on!

As Tamar begins to apologize, Toni interrupts her and says she doesn't want it and Braxton Senior tells Tamar she needs to be sincere with her apology.  So, Tamar finally apologizes and Toni accepts.  Tamar says her and Toni have been close since she was a little girl and she doesn't feel in anyway her sister Toni is jealous of her. 

Ugh! It took all of that...Really Braxtons, Really!
Now it's Traci turn!  Michael Braxton meets with Traci in her hometown Maryland and they discuss her husband's health scare.  Michael Braxton brings up the Tamar argument, but doesn't want to go into details about he say she say.  So, Traci gets upset and storms off and then skids away from curb, while Braxton Sentior is trying to stop her to get her to come back so they can talk.  Later on in the show Traci apologizes to her dad for hurting his feelings and speeding off the way she did. 
Trina Braxton ring is a fake,
and Tamar says "F" The Braxtons in 
the new season of Braxton Family
During Toni and Tamar's afternoon tea brunch they celebrate Tamar's single being on the top of the charts!  See below for details. 

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