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The Braxton's Season 3, Episode 9

Oh my goodness, I can't believe Dr. Jackie from Married to Medicine is Tamar Braxton's OBGYN on
Dr. Jackie and Tamar,
Who would have knew Dr. Jackie from Married to Medicine is Tamar's doctor.
The Braxton's Season 3, Episode 9.  She delivered Traci and Trina's babies as well.  Tamar choose her, because her sisters walked away with no stretch marks and she wants the same. 

She says even though she is pregnant she still has 4 babies in the freezer from the in vitro, that she plans to keep.  She also question Dr. Jackie about the deliver of the baby.  Meaning how will she deliver?  Meaning will it be natural or an incision?  Vince says he is happy about the new celebration, but he is also a very nervous daddy.  Which is normal, considering this is the couple's first baby. 
This is Tamar and Vince 1st pregnancy

During the ultrasound Tamar says she was very excited to see the baby's head during her doctor's visit.  She says it looks like Vince's head and being pregnant is beautiful, hard, but most important it's cute. 

Trina's son has being having problems with bullying in school.  One wise comment Trina said about her son is you can teach a man how to be a gentleman, but you can't teach him how to be a man.  I have always had my own concept about that statement, but Trina put in it layman's terms for me.

Trina Braxton and Gabe, her husband

Later on in the show we learn Evelyn's dog Jackson died and all the sisters including the husbands and grandchildren had to attend the funeral. 

The sisters attend their mom's dog Jackson's funeral.
Source: Hello Beautiful
I mean guys it was a real come together, sit down, everybody dressed in black funeral. 

I know people treat their dogs like real people, so I will try to be sensitive to this issue and move right along.  However, before I do my favorite part was when Tamar breaks out in a song about the dog.  Now, y'all know them sisters can make up a song about anything. 

Poor Vince, he just hung his head low, but mother Evelyn was overly happy, which was what it was about.  If you are interested in seeing Tamar and her sisters in action singing the dog song, fast forward to 11:17 time


Evelyn announces she is moving to LA and Trina is thinking about the move herself for her career, but Traci says nooo way am I moving.  She thinks her baby sister Tamar needs their mother more right now, since she is pregnant. 

On another note Tamar says ain't nobody got time for that...she's referring to finding her mommy a man.  Evelyn says she is ready to date again.  She is extremely picky about her man...hint, hint Tamar's says her mother likes her man just like my daddy....she tried it!

The girls are also preparing for their mother's birthday party and Towanda's daughter Brooke will do a ballet performance.  How cute is that! However, she doesn't deliver at first.  Her mom Towanda has to give her a little push. 
Traci Braxton on her new motorcycle?
Oh yeah! She tried it

Before, the sisters leave for LA Traci shows off all the hard work she has been working on for the past couple of episodes which is riding in on the motorcycle.  Mother Evelyn says she can't do anything, but worry, because that is dangerous. 

Somebody let the secret out the bag about Tamar's
baby gender.  Find out who?

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