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The Braxtons Season 3, Episode 5

On The Braxtons Season 3, Episode 5 the whole family is in LA,
The Braxtons and their Brother Michael
because Evelyn and Michael want to make sure the entire family is united again.  Brother Michael is also in town.  The main purpose of the dinner is to end the family feud, especially between Traci and Tamar. 

Everyone goes around the table and tells what they are thankful for.  Michael says he is thankful for his parents, his sisters, and thankful he is not a girl.  Towanda is thankful that her brother named her Towanda, but not really, because she hates it.  She wants her name to be Tori, because you don't know who is coming.  However, when you hear Towanda you know exactly who is coming.  Traci doesn't like the name Traci.  She wants to be call Tiffany, Taylor, but really Torrence?  Huh?  Tamar said that is a white valley girl name. 

Traci Braxton is working it out this season in the gym with her sister Tamar, because she was ask to participate in the Charity of Walk Foundation for Women's Cancer.  They meet up at Sgt. Tchicaya Congo's gym and let me just say this true African man is hilarious.  He totally fits in with The Braxton's.  Like you can hardly understand what he is saying, but whatever comes out his mouth is funny.

Trina invited all of her sisters to lunch to discuss the opening of her store in Atlanta except for Toni Braxton, because she had to work on her new movie Twist of Faith, but she feels Tamar is the main sister that will have issues.  She wants all the sisters to be together with her to open the store.  This was originally Tamar's ideal three years ago, but now all sisters want to be involved.  Towanda definitely doesn't want their mommy to be involved, but Tamar doesn't think it would be a good ideal to exclude their mom Evelyn.  Towanda's reason is she doesn't want their store to have a mommy section and Tamar's argues that a lot of older women shop for clothes, but they don't call them clothes they call them outfits....kmsl...That Tamar, she is team too much!  Gabe, Trina's husband doesn't want any of the sisters to be included, because Trina and himself have done a lot of the work by themselves.  Plus, they have to split the money 5 ways.
Toni Braxton working on her new movie
Twist of Faith

Tamar and Toni go shopping for golf clubs for their dad's 65th birthday party.  Toni brings up the opening of the store and wanted to know what the girls talked about.  Tamar didn't see it coming when Toni took the side of her other sisters and not Tamar.  Tamar says it is not going to work, because everyone is too busy, which is the same thing they were on her about at the Tamar Intervention Therapy Session.  Tamar brings up to Toni that maybe they should send their dad on a cruise for his birthday instead of buying golf clubs.  She said she could picture her dad making inappropriate jokes and gambling, which is something he does anyway.

Traci's PSA on the Charity of Walk Foundation for Women's Cancer turned out really good.  However during the speech she just call you white girls Albino's?  Girl, get your life!  Was you nervous of something?  I mean geesh, you practiced before you went up there, so what happen.  ?
Traci Braxton is sister of Toni Braxton
Toni Braxton says she doesn't love music anymore.  She says it is stressful and not fun anymore.  She says she is upset with herself, because she doesn't feel that thing for it anymore.  Towanda tells her all the things she has gone through the past few years she is suppose to be stress and Towanda says maybe she should write about it in her music.  Toni says she can't listen to the radio or look at the award show, because she hates it.  She says if she sings it and doesn't feel it, people will notice it.  Read more as she discuss this with Essence Magazine. 
Did you know Toni
 Braxton's sister
Towanda Braxton
was  arrested  before
 her fame.  So is
the responsible one?
Read more on Toni's
 Lifetime Network

Toni wants an apology from Tamar, because
of the spin off show about Tamar and Vince

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