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Candice Glover I Am Beautiful

Season 12 American Idol Winner
Candice Glover who has put out her single I Am Beautiful, is our Season 12 American Idol Winner in 2013.  I'm so happy I tuned in this season.  It was an honor and a pleasure to watch so many talented people this season.  Before I go any further you guys this is probably going to be a very long, but entertaining post.  I have to cover Candice Glover's journey, fashion lows and highs, singles sang by the contestants that blew me away, idol tours, and the finale.  So stay tune and I hope you enjoy!
If you haven't had a chance to hear Candice Glover's new single "I Am Beautiful" you should probably go just go ahead and press play on the YouTube video below like yesterday.

 Candice stated she has been trying to be an Idol star for 3 years now and last year when she tried out she didn't make the cut, but my, my, my oh how things have change.

Candice Glover American
Idol Auditions
Here's is Candice at this season's auditions.  I want to give you a timeline of how much Candice has grown.  I'm not sure if American Idol really showed Candice's audition.  I only remember seeing her during Hollywood round and it was only like twice, but I remember thinking to myself that girl can sing, but I don't know if she is American Idol material. 

I didn't agree with all of Candice's song choices, because I felt she was trying to please American and the judges, rather than tapping into her true roots, which are R and B.  I don't really see her doing that pop thing.

Below is the list of songs Candice Glover Sung from Beginning to Finish.  I'll give my critique as a thumbs up or a thumbs down for the single she sings and for what she has on.  And if you want to hear the song for yourself just click the link, they are streaming from YouTube.

1. I Have Nothing By: Tom Jones  (Thumbs Up on single, Down on clothing)
2. Come Together By: The Beatles (Thumbs Down on single and Up on clothing)
3. I Heard it Through the Grapevine (Thumbs Down on Single and Up on clothing). 
4. I Can't Get No Satisfaction By: Rolling Stones (Thumbs Down to Both)
5. Don't Make Me Over By: Dionne Warwick (Thumbs Up on Both)
7. Love Song By: The Cure's (Thumbs Up on single and Down on clothing)
8. When You Believe By: Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston (Thumbs Up on Both)
9. Straight Up By: Paula Abdul (Thumbs UP on Both)
10. Find Your Love By: Drake (Thumbs UP on Both)
11. Emotion By: Destiny Child (Thumbs UP on Both)

On thing all of these pictures have in common is Candice in black bottoms. 
I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, because this may be her style,
but one thing I do not want you judging plus size girls on is they are covering up what they don't want the camera's to see.  Now that is a true statement, but you just can't say it. 

Thumbs Down
Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up
Thumbs Down
Thumbs Down
Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up
Thumbs UP
I love this style!
If you missed the incredible performance Candice did with Jennifer Hudson on American Idol finale 2013, watch now.  I like it when Jenner says sang Candice...Whew!

We also learn Candice Glover album will be out July 16, 2013 entitled Music Speaks.  In the meantime, she will be enjoying the American Idol tour 2013 with 10 other contestants she competed with during the show.  The tour begins June 29th in Kansas City, Missouri and wraps up August 31 in Nashville, TN

My favorite Idols who made it to the Top 10:
1.  Curtis on American idol 2013.  He was so brave to perform with his soulful gospel voice.  He really wasn't an American Idol pleaser, but her definitely didn't mind letting us know he was God pleaser.  This man could hit a note like no other than I have heard before. Listen as sings Fantasia's I Believe. For me he was better suited for a gospel show, but maybe he wants to do more than that and really that is one of biggest questions, "why did he try for American Idol rather than a gospel competition show?" 

2. Burnell was an American Idol pleaser.  Love his raspy voice tho!

3. Surprisingly enough! Lazaro was my favorite.  Honey he just did his own thing, but my favorite performance was the "We are the Champions. " 

Curious about Candice Glover Hair...Me Too!  Read Laura Oberle story on how this process is accomplished.

As a finalist on "American Idol,"  a transformation takes place.  Entering into the Top 10 on the show, the contestants begin receiving the full star treatment, with hair, makeup, and wardrobe being professionally done for them before every photo shoot, dress rehearsal, performance and results show. 

For most contestants, this makeover brings dramatic change.  Just two short months ago, they were regular people, with regular jobs, living regular lives in regular clothes. 

When St. Helena Island native Candice Glover left her job as an excursions coordinator to compete on "Idol,"  she also left behind the Fripp Island Resort blue polo that she wore to work. 

These days her uniform reflects her aspirations. 


The "American Idol" makeovers help give the rising stars newfound confidence.  "It helps you have more star power,"  Kudelka said.  "You can see everyone growing and becoming more of an artist and getting a signature style to them.

The signature style for contestant Burnell Taylor is bowties.  Lazaro Arbos is know for his bright color, wearing a turquoise blazer in the Top 10 and a yellow blazer the next week.  Janelle Taylor favors a mere neutral color wheel, with lots of peaches and beiges for a country look. 

For Candice Glover, it's been blazers, high heels and leggings.  She's curvy, but she's got curves in all the good places, Kudelka said.  "She's definitely open to fashion.  And she wears the clothes really well, so it's fun to dress her." 

While purple is Glover's favorite color and has become a trademark of her fanbase, she hasn't worn the color on the show yet, except for a steak colored in her hair. 

When it comes to on-stage attire, the singer sticks with a different hue.  "I love black,"  Glover said Tuesday in a phone interview.

Kudelka said black is the color of stars, a dramatic choice that emits a powerful aura. 

"Most artists in concert usually wind up in a black something," she said. 

Black clothing also opens the door to brighter accessories, or the "statement pieces," Kudelka says Glover wears so well.

"Whether it's the big earrings or a big necklace, she loves bold pieces, and she really can handle good statement pieces," she said.  "Because we like such fun jewelry on her, it gives it a nice palette, a blank slate." 

Just as the dramatic effects of black clothing lends itself to the recent themes on the show - The Beatles and classic rock - wardrobe choices are the largely based on read more click here>>

Looking for tour dates? Click us!

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