Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Braxtons Season 3, Episode 7

In The Braxtons Season 3, Episode 7 Trina and 
Towanda and Trina Braxton at Tamar's baby shower
photo source: NecoleBitchie
Towanda visited a space for the sisters store they plan to open.  Towanda learned Gabe, Trina's husband wants to be apart of the store.  Trina says Gabe has done a lot of the leg work, but she hasn't mention this to any of her sisters.  Towanda says this is the calm before the storm. 

In other news Tamar eats pig feet and chitterlings.  But Toni is too bougie to eat any of that honey.  She eats rich people food as Tamar tells all.  You know I have always do rich people go grocery shopping?  Because on the show Tamar and her mother went to the store, but Toni Braxton had to stay behind.  So, is there a special market they shop at or is that Tamar isn't as famous as I thought she was (I'm not trying to throw shade, I'm just saying).  I hear Wendy Williams all the time stating she goes to the grocery store and she hates being stop and asked to pose for a picture. 

And did you know the sisters mother Evelyn Braxton is still looking for a man, but the good news is at least she is dating.  In season 2, Miss Evelyn Braxton was getting married, but after careful consideration she stop it before it happened.  For her to be dating on her own is a big deal, her girls had way too much trouble last season for her to even take a mile in those shoes. 

All the sister fly to Tamar's home in Los Anglos to talk about opening the store.  We find out some interesting things.  For one Gabe wants to be a part of the store, Trina originally said they would have to pull out a loan from the bank to help open the store, but Tamar says they have enough money to fund the store among the five sisters.  Also, the ideal for the store was talked among the sisters only and not Gabe, but Trina feels, because she initiated some of the negotiations, she feels this is her project now.  Tamar says it was actually her who tried to start up the business, because she had a friend name Peaches, who operated a business similar to the one the sisters want to start.  Tamar says she gave Trina the phone number to contact Peaches, but the phone call never happen.  I can see how Tamar is frustrated with this.  This is a sister thing and husbands should be separated. 

Tamar Braxton House
What matters is none of the sisters want to partner with Gabe in any adventure together.  Toni says the only role she wants Gabe to play in her life is being her brother in law.

Traci Braxton wants a gun, because
people are following her? 
 Find out who?
Tamar Braxton announce BET 2013 nominees.  Chris Tucker will be the
 host this year. Tamar is also up for award for Best Female
R&B and her single Love & War.

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