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Tyler Perry The Haves and the Have Nots Season 1, Episode 3

(left to Right) Jim Cryer and Candace Young played by John Schneider and Tika Sumpter
Candace has taken research to a whole new level.  Ladies if you want your man to start acting right, than do your research and you better get with the program and watch Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots Episode 3. 

That Candace is a trip!

Kathryn Cryer played by Renee Lawless

Kathryn Cryer definitely showed up and showed out in episode 3.  I don't know what it is about that bedroom scene drama, but it totally curves my toes.  This week she allowed us in her head and what's she's been thinking about these last two episodes.  She says she knows her husband is cheating, because of his history.  Honey he not only cheated with the secretary, but with her sister too!  BOOM, in your face right?  I know that's what I said. 

Then she was like nope, it can't be my sister the lipstick on your collar was too cheap.  Kathryn then tells her husband to keep his underwear off HER bathroom floor and orders for him to sleep on the couch. 

Did you hear me?  She ORDERED him to sleep on the couch.  Now in a woman's world when you order your man to do something in the heat of the moment, we really don't expect them to do it, but honey he took his little sorry self and slept right over there on a that miniature sofa.  Knees, head, and feet just dangling off of it.  And she sleep in her nice comfy and might I add fluffy bed and took her behind right on to sleep.  Man, I need some of that power Miss Kathryn. 

The Haves and the Have Nots Episode 1

Not only did she ordered her husband to sleep on that old stiff sofa, but she told him don't get it twisted boo, because I'm the one who introduced you to this fancy lifestyle and just like it was given...Um, it can be taken away. 

The Haves and the Have Nots Episode 2

You know how I said in my previous post about Candace helping her mom out by paying the mortgage on her house, but Candace's mom Hanna doesn't really knows she does that....It turns out all of it is a lie.  The monies on the mortgage is five months behind and there is something fishy going on as to the reason why it is. 

(Left to Right)  Benny Young and Hanna Young played by Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

It sounds like Candace's brother Benny lend Candace the money and in return she was suppose to pay it back.  Benny made the comment "If mom finds out what I did for you , she will kill me.'  So, that's just a thought and again I can't wait to see what happens with that little mess of a trouble situation. 

Meanwhile, we take a look into how nasty, disgusting, and triflen Judge David Harrington is (Veronica's husband).  He is an associate of Jim Cryer and you know on episode 2 Jim told David about his thing with Candace.  Well, David's whole part in this is to dig up as much dirt on Candace as he can.  It's not easy though.  They can't find any arrests, misdemeanor, or crimes she has committed.  I'm like duh...Candace knows what she is doing and she is too smart to do any those whack things. 

Judge David and Wife Veronica Harrington played by

In other news Amanda tells her mom she is not doing well in law school and this is not what she wants to do.  A fashion designer is what she picks instead.  Kathryn immediately jumps on Candace and ask her did she have anything to do this?  Amanda says she wants to quit, because of her professors and law school is really tough.  Kathryn asks her to suck it up and she is not going to quit like she does everything else in her life. 

I must admit Kathryn was pretty rough on her.

My Review

The drama started 10 minutes earlier, rather than 20 minutes into the show like on previous episodes. 
You guys know how much I love Kathryn Cryer and her story developed a little on this particular episode.  She's a bit bitter though and several things are probably contributing  to those things. 

Just to name a few it could be:
1. Cheating husband.
2. Her son Wyatt's drug problem.
3. Living up to her family name.

Just picking one of those from the list is enough to drive any woman crazy, but Kathryn you can't be superwoman for everybody. 

Eye Candy for this week on Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots Tyler Lepley
I was also surprised by Judge David Harrington's demeanor and may I add where is Victoria Harrington.  You guys know I can't stand her, but geesh I'm looking forward to the role she plays on the show.  The biggest thing I am anticipating with her is how she handles that David.  You know what I she give into his every request, is she independent, does David do to her what Jim does to his how is their relationship with one another. 

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