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American Idol Finalist 2013 Episode 30 Season 12

American Idol Finalist 2013 (Left to Right) Amber Holcomb, Candice Glover,
Ryan Seacrest, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller Photo Credit:
The American Idol Finalist 2013 CONTINUE TO COMPETE.  For the first time in years American Idol finalist's are all female.
I have 5 Critiques about tonight's show:
1.   Angie Miller on that freaking piano.
2.   Amber Holcomb's Oreo outfit.
3.   Nicki Minaj is engaged?
4.   Candice Glover and Angie singing Rhianna's Stay  
5.   Who are my top 3 Idols?
Before I go on any further, I just want to give mad props to Angie Miller.  After what she did with Beyoncé's song Halo last week, I knew this week's performance would blow us away. 

Let me show you what I'm talking about...

Below is Angie Miller's Performance from last week.  Oh and by the way I got this from American Idol's YouTube page, so of course there is about 30 seconds of promo stuff, so please be patient and please listen all the way through.  The song is only 2.47 minutes long.

Didn't she do good?! 
This week on American Idol the idol stars visited a children's hospital.  The children on the outside look very healthy and normal and you really couldn't tell that there was anything wrong with them, by their general appearance.  And by the way they were running around and playing like normal children.  Any who!
I was touched the most by Angie's visit to the hospital.  You know how God gives us all a gift and then we use that gift to help others, that's how I feel about Angie.  Let me explain...
To the right: Angie Keys, I mean Angie Miller from American Idol To the left: Alicia Keys.
I posted this picture, because there is significance in it.
If you have been keeping up with American Idol, you know that Angie Miller has a gift to play the piano.  To me the piano is her voice, because it has such a beautiful flow when she is behind it.  When Angie was at the children's hospital, she sat down with one of the kids to play them a song and immediately the little boy wanted to join in.  Now I don't know if he wanted to join, because it was something to bang on or if he could feel the anointing from her hands.  But my thing is, when you have such a powerful gift and you can feel that through the television, that has to be some powerful stuff.  Y'all this girl is so talented.  She reminds me of Alicia Keys.
Amber Holcomb was my Midnight Oreo Snack
Girl you look like a tall glass of milk!  American Idol's Amber Holcomb.
Listening to Amber last night, I don't know what type of artist she wants to be.  Her sound is a mixture of the late great Whitney Houston and Donna Summers.  But Whitney Houston definitely is the strength of her vocals.  When she did Beyoncé's Crazy in Love single, I could see her in that area too.  But I'm not really sure!?  I agree with Nicki Minaj that she looks more beautiful with each performance and she has also been on her hair, fashion, and make-up game. 
If you like the picture above, you may also enjoy some more glam from American Idol season 12's Amber Holcomb:
American Idol Amber Holcomb
Candice Glover on American Idol Season 12
Episode 20
Alright Candice Glover candy girl.  Girlfriend I enjoyed your second performance last night of Emotions.  I guess, because I have heard Destiny Child sing it.  One thing that stood out to me last night was when the judges said they don't need to hear your runs in every song you do, but for fans like myself we want to hear that.  Beyoncé gives us runs the entire time, so don't let the judges stir you too much away from that. 
American Idol's Kree Harrison
I'm not a big country fan as you can tell, lol! But I can listen to Kree Harrison sing it all day long.  The judges did not like her first performance, but I loved both performances.  Especially, the little dance moves she does on stage.  You know one thing I hate about what the judges say about Kree is they tell her they love the blues tone in her voice and the country-rock, but when she performed last night I felt like she gave us all of that and they still hated both of her performances.  I just don't get it.  I'm sad that Keith Urban didn't enjoy neither performance. 
 This is so old, but...
Nicki Boo! I didn't know you were
ring.  I believe the lucky guy
is standing behind her. 
I did not know Nicki Minaj was engaged to a guy by the name of SB. In the picture below, he is the guy behind her I do believe...It looks like this news has been out since 2010.  You guys know how much I love me some Nicki Minaj.  I feel like the last one to find out about this mess.  Then it's so confusing, because when we were first getting to know her I thought she was attracted to women.  Ugh.  Somebody help!
 It's tough to say who is the winner after tonight's performance.  All of the girls sang their hearts out.  It feels like a real competition.  My favorites last night was Angie Miller and second favorite was of course Candice Glover.  If I had to say my third favorite it would Kree Harrison, but I'm kind of torn between her and Amber Holcomb
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I love all of you who follow me.  It's not easy being real, but watching real-ity television makes it seem effortless.  Also Please watch Candice Glover and Angie Miller singing Rihanna version of Stay.  Enjoy my love's!!!
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Lauryn Hill serving jail time for her Tax Woes

Lauryn Hill arrives at court
Photo Credit: Dave Kotinsky
Last month on April 23, 2013 Lauryn Hill went before a judge for a plea bargain.  The Judge came down on her pretty hard, because this was not the first time she was in court for owing taxes.  As we all know U.S Magistrate Judge Madeline Cox Arleo was the sentencing judge and she was also the judge to negotiate with Lauryn Hill on plea bargain on an amount totaling up to about $554,000

Okay, so let me give you the scope on how I feel the justice system is and how they played my girl Lauryn, because honey she paid that portion of taxes that she owed and plus some.  There is no reason why I agree with the judge and everybody who stated Lauryn Hill should  be serving jail time for her tax woes. 

I read on Essence Magazine website that Miss Lauryn Hill paid about $994,000 right before they gave her 3 months in jail and 3 months on home confinement ( sounds like house arrest to me).  You know everybody is trying to make this about a race thing and I think I'm going to have to join them for just a bit. 

Before I read the updated story on Lauryn Hill's tax problems for myself, I first heard on the radio about Lauryn being sentence to jail time, and I originally thought it was for her not paying her taxes.  You know I was saying to myself, well that's just the consequence that she has to face for not holding up her part of the deal with the judge and I all I could think about was her six children.  But when I found out Lauryn Hill paid what she agreed to pay, plus about a half million more I was in utter shock. 

I have 3 reasons why I'm mad at the judge and Lauryn Hill's lawyers

Grammy Winner Lauryn Hill in Federal Court April 2013 for owing taxes

#1...I'm mad at the fact that they ask her to pay her taxes, but not only did she pay what she was suppose to, she paid a little extra.  Well, actually a lot, because for her to pay almost another half million dollars on top of what she already owes is pretty freakin awesome in my book. 

#2...I feel like they took advantage of Lauryn.  You know I can see her lawyers telling her, "Miss Lauryn Hill the more you pay, the more the judge will be on your side and it looks really good for your case."  Wrong!  I wonder did Lauryn just fire all her lawyers on the spot, because they obvious didn't know what they were talking about.  If I was her, I would have let them all go the instance I was sentence to jail time, because I know she was not expecting that.  I mean how could you?

#3...The only other thought wondering through my head is her six kids.  I read something on a blog that caught my attention.  It said something like "Lauryn know she was stupid for running after a man and having six damn kids with him and for what...cause he is with another woman."  True, true, but honey in a trail of love, you are never your best judgement (some of y'all gone get that sooner than later I hope).  Yes, it's crazy to have six kids by someone you are you no longer with, but hell she didn't know she wasn't going to be this man after producing that sixth kid.  But in realness, I hope her kids are cared for while she is serving her time. 

Lauryn Hill leaving federal court 4/22/13 tax woes
photo credit:
If you interested to know in details about how Lauryn Hill even got herself into this mess, keep reading below

First before I you catch up on Lauryn Hill sentence update!  Doesn't she just look FAB with her low natural hair cut and court room clothing.  If owing taxes makes you look like that, I would want to look like that everyday.  This picture was taken after she left federal court in Newark, NJ.  Her facial expression gives a different story though.  She kind of looks tick off, but if I were her, I would be smiling from ear to ear.  Here's why...

Monday April 22, 2013 Lauryn Hill was schedule to appear in federal court for not paying taxing on her earning for 1.8 million dollars from 2005 to 2007.  During her first appearance in court back in 2012 Hill promised she would pay $554,000 before her sentencing on Monday.  However, she only paid $50,000.

The judge came down very hard on Lauryn Hill's sentencing!  And says she has until May 6, 2013 to get the money paid.  Lauryn Hill's U.S Magistrate Judge Madeline Cox Arleo told Lauryn Hill she is not someone who stands before the court penniless...What a way to tell her Judge!  This is a criminal matter and action speaks louder than words.  And there has been no effort here to pay these taxes. 

Lauryn Hill sat in court and did not speak, however her attorney told LA Times, he would seek a sentencing plea for the mother of six and plans to have her sign off on a loan for two properties.  Her attorney stated she should have these paid by May 3. 

Also...Read about other Tax Evaders
Wesley Snipes served a 3 year sentence for his tax woes.  He recently was released from jail.

Wesley Snipes owed about $7 million dollars in taxes.
He served time for his.  Miss Lauryn I suggest you pay
your dues. 

Fantasia new album 2013

Support Fantasia's new album Side Effects of You and
 listen to her newest
single Lose to Win
Fantasia new album called the Side Effects of You is in stores.  Please support her.  She has come from a mighty long way. 

There are many great things I can say about Fantasia!  One may look at her and say: girl you had it bad there for a little while, but you survived.  I never want my readers to think that I am putting a person down for their faults, and especially a woman.  So, the things that I am about to say are the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.  I look at Fantasia and I look at my own life situations and say girl if you did it, than I know I can do it.  Let me just back up to 2010 and explain her story...
So, we all know it's been very rough for Fantasia and it all started around December of 2009.  Fantasia was offered a VH-1 8 episode, 30 minute documentary of her life.  She allowed the cameras to come inside of her home, so that we as fans can get to know her crazy family, her only
child at the time name Zion, and get up close and personal with Fantasia.  We learned a lot from her and one of the biggest accomplishments I learned was when I watched her go back to school to get her GED (So if you think you haven't done anything right Fantasia, you should be very proud of that.  This will continue to inspire people for along time to come). 
So getting  back to her reality show...It actually did quite well and in April of 2010, VH-1 announced they will be doing a second season with her that aired in October of 2010.  However, I don't think Fantasia plan on airing her dirty laundry that she was involved, sleeping, and became pregnant with a married man's baby.    Okay, so let's rewind a little bit more...
Antwaun, Fantasia, and Wife Paula
Photo Credit: Wendy
In August of 2009 Fantasia meets a man and it's not just a regular single man...He was a man that was married for about 5 years with 2 children working at the T-Mobile cell phone store.  For real...that's what I said...
Fantasia said she was attracted to Antwaun, because he was from North Caroline, which is the same
Antwaun Cook
place she is from and he was not a rapper, but just a regular person.  So, anyway these two start dating and Fantasia knew Antwaun was married, but Antwaun told Fantasia he had been separated from his wife since late summer of 2009, which is right before they started dating.  It turns out though he wasn't. 

Antwaun's wife finds out and I was trying to get a good plot of information for you guys on the Internet, but it's kind of a mix revelation.  So, I have two stories.  (1) Antwaun and wife Paula Cook was suppose to meet in New Orleans to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but he never showed and this was the night she found out about Fantasia. (2) Paula found out from family members, phone calls, and text messages that Antwaun was dating Fantasia.  Okay, you guys! So I was so intrigue by all this drama that I found the actually complaint of Paula Cook filing her divorce papers.  Click here to read a PDF style format of it.
So, after reading that document, Fantasia honey you sound like a home wrecker, Paula claimed you to be.  I just don't understand why Fantasia continued to chase after him.  In the complaint it stated he left his wife, but went back to her.  Do you understand that HE WENT BACK TO HER!!!  It also stated how Fantasia would repeatedly call this man's phone to hopefully convenience him to possible leave his wife.
The relationship begin as an on again off again relationship with Fantasia.   According to Antwaun's wife Paula Cook, they were married in October of 2005 and only started living separated June 16, 2010. 
Cook Family
Miss Cook accused Fantasia of being a home wrecker due to a few of these things: Antwaun and Fantasia carried on a relationship before their separation, they made a sex tape together (you are naive honey for making a sex tape with a man you barely know), they frequently visited bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and even got matching tattoos. A lawsuit came into place, because North Carolina is one of the 7 states, that allows a party to sue a home wrecker
Click to read documents filed by Antwaun's wife Paula Cook and I promise it reveals the real truth. 
To add whip cream to the mess Fantasia had got herself into, she tried to commit suicide by over  dosing on pills.  And later on we end up finding out she became pregnant by Antwaun, in which she had a beautiful baby boy, whose name is Dallas Xavier Barrino in December 2011.  Essence Magazine revealed on their website March 2013 that Fantasia is no longer with Antwaun and she says she had to get to a place where she can love herself, because she has never done that.  
Antwaun's last name tattooed on Fantasia
Photo Credit: Kimora Cochran

You know my girl has definitely been fighting some dark places in her life.  But thank Jesus it's a brand new day for our girl.  I absolutely LOVE ME SOME FANTASIA.  Her single Baby Mamas is still one of my favorite songs from her.  I hope this mess has taught her some real life lessons, because when the next man comes and oh he is coming, she should be strong enough to handle most of the excitement that will come with that relationship.  In the meantime time and in between time, I suggest you focus on your children Fantasia and enjoy your spotlights.  You have a testimony that you can use later in life to write a book or do a movie.  I'm sure lifetime would love to get in on the action. 

Fantasia Performing her single Lose to Win on American Idol

But today, we celebrate your 4th album called Side Effects of You, which features your new inspiring single called Lose to Win.  May I also add she lost a few pounds...and she looks FAB!!!
 Get your question answered... 

on Fantasia'
new album 2013, you
on American Idol

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Celebrity Tax Evaders

Some of us regular people are not the only ones struggling in today's economy.  We're not the only ones in debt to the IRS or in debt period  It's become more apparent Celebrities are struggling too or just not paying their bills.  Just last week Lauryn Hill was in the news for EVICTION and in other news she is facing JAIL TIME for not paying her taxes. 

That's messed up.  I don't understand how some of these successful stars have money and fame, but they end up owing the IRS once their careers slow down.  Another sceptic I'm pondering about is, I don't understand why won't they buy themselves normal houses and cars they can afford while they have a little money in their pockets. 

You would think after Lauryn Hill made over 1.8 million in the 90s according to TMZ, that she would have spent her money wisely.  However, she may have not pictured fame to  be temporary. 

TMZ, has reported Lauryn Hill and her family was receiving threats in the 90s...SAY WHAT?  She is schedule to appear in court today April 22, 2013 and wants the judge to put her on probation rather than jail, because she states she can make more money this way to pay off her debt.  She says the threats caused her to go into hiding along with her family back in the 90s, which is why she side lined her music. 

In other celebrity tax evaders news, Lauryn Hill is not alone...

So is Lauryn Hill and her family still being threaten, TMZ and BILLBOARD shares with us...

TMZ told us Lauryn Hill just filed legal docs asking for mercy before her sentencing

Billboard made a post on their website stating Lauryn Hill did not deliberately abandon her fans

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Married to Medicine Episode 4

Before the Married to Medicine Fight, lets have a recapped on episode 4.

Mariah visiting Toya's home a couple of days
before the husband's birthday party.
What a cutie pie
Mariah brings over Toya's son Avery a white Christening suit.  However Toya rejected it (not surprised about that). 

As Toya continues to remind us that Mariah and herself did not come from a silver spoon back ground, I'm just thinking to myself why wouldn't they like one another.  It's so strange when you have two people who are very similar, meaning they both are doctor's wives, they both come from the same background, and they run in the same social circle.  So, why can't you get along is the biggest question I have.  When it all boils down to it, I believe they hate on one another.  It's so sad to see that, because the petty things they are hating on one another for, you actually have real people in the world that don't have the fab life they have and the things they are fighting about is not petty for those types of people. 

We take our first glimpse in the operating room with Dr. Jackie performing a LEEP on her patient.
Married to Medicine Dr. Jackie performing surgery.
She states her personality is type A and she loves
what she does.  Read to the left to find out how
you can became a doctor.  She makes it sound
real easy. 
Photo Credit: Straight from the A

She states her personality is type A.  She loves what she does and it doesn't feel like it's work.  Her parents were school teachers with strict rules and she had to make A's.  D's and F's meant death and failure.  Her first gross anatomy test she failed in medical school.  After, flunking that first test she never left the gross anatomy lab, she stayed there.  She would go to her room and shower and come back, because she couldn't fail. Which has made her the person she says she is today. 

I 've also notice Jackie is a very good looking woman for her age.  I'm not sure how old she is, but I do know she works out to take care of her body.  After, leaving the operating room she heads to the gym to work out with her personal trainer Al. 

Dr. Jackie is consider the fat police in her practice, but
she states fitness equals being fine.
Then pops in Dr. Simone to try to talk Dr. Jackie in to hanging out with her and the girls.  I suppose for the wives husband's birthday bash. 

Dr. Simone says working out is important to your health and as a physician she will tell a patient to workout, but as far as for her...she doesn't work out...she works.  Sweating her hair out or for her muscles to hurt and ache is just not for her. 

Dr. Simone refers to Dr. Jackie as a work-a-holic, which keeps her from being social and she is even too busy to attend Dr. Duncan and Dr. Aydin's birthday.  I think Jackie is doing a really good job on stepping up her social game

Cutters Cigar, shout out to you guys in the ATL!

Toya (left) says Quad is like a little puppet and
Mariah is just working them strings. 
Toya and Simone catch up on some of the mess stirring around the ladies.  Toya states every time Quad comes around there has been drama.  I just thought that was really tacky for her to bring up any of Kari's personal business.

Simone asks Toya, Do you think Mariah is doing any instigating of these problems?

Toya, says Quad is like a little puppet and Mariah is just working them strings. 

Simone goes on to say Mariah is Quad's hype woman.  Mariah kind of pushes her and hypes her up to miss behave.  She also guarantees Toya, she has a great bond with Mariah.  Unlike Toya.  She says the things she says to Mariah are probably total perceived differently than what Toya says.

But Toya says Simone thinks she knows the real Mariah, but she just wants her to really and honestly look at her where she is today, because Mariah has changed from years and years ago. 

My thoughts on Mariah is, are we seeing one person
with a split personality.  I see Mariah as a strong
mama, wife, friend, and very well respected by the
people she encounters. 
My thoughts on that is are we seeing a Mariah with two different personalities?  I see Mariah on the 
show as a strong mother, wife, friend, and a very well respected person by the people she encounters. 

Now, she did lose her temper during the brawl between herself and Toya, but I believe it was due to the alcohol and the frustration about what was said about her daughter. 

But you know one thing I keep hearing Kari mention is everybody knows Mariah came from nothing....That statement along is not a mystery to me, because Mariah has shared that with us on several occasions.  The part that is a mystery is why Mariah would stoop down to Toya's level and shame her husband, his practice, and most importantly herself. 

The Day of the Party, and the day of the married to medicine fight...Are you ready for the T...cause I am...Buckle your seatbelts people, we are in for one hell of a ride...

Mariah sister's Lake spilling the messy gossip
from the beauty shop.  Now any and everyone knows
that's all they do is spread rumors and lies
at the beauty shop. 
In walks Lake, Mariah's sister. 

It's 2:00 in the evening and Lake brings this news of some gossip from the beauty shop. 

She tells Mariah she doesn't know if she is going to this damn party.  She was in the salon today and basically she heard Toya telling people that Aydin is not Mariah's daughter biological dad.  Then Lake was like how does she even know that?

Mariah admits she told Toya and she doesn't just go around telling her personal business to people, but she has been a friend to Toya, so she expected her to have that same level of respect for her...true, true...Oh, but it gets worse...

You need to watch the *ish that comes out your mouth.
Well, Mama Lucy, I think you should do the same.
Being that you are older, doesn't mean you can
talk to folks any type of way.  We respect you here
at Queen Moore, but you had got to do better.
Mariah's daughter doesn't even know Aydin isn't her dad..WOW!  So, Lake says you think your nerves bad now, but I just want to let you know mama was sitting right there with me listening to these people who don't even know us like that.  From what was said on the show, Mariah's mom can be tough to manage sometimes.  Her personality is colorful and so strong, that it has to be kept in check.  And in addition to that, Mama Lucy doesn't even like Toya.

In the midst of all the mess that is going on Mariah decides to still attend the party, because this is her husband's birthday party.  She decided she is going to deal with this issue, but she doesn't want to give Toya the gratification or a reaction.  Mariah states she will deal with this after the party.  However, we know that all to be untrue. 

Doesn't look like Kari is too frantic.  This is right before
the party she claims Mariah did not help her with. 
It's now 6:00p.m. and Kari is freaking out, because she states Mariah hasn't helped her with anything dealing with the birthday party. 

(My thought) She gave her money didn't she Kari....

Well, anyway..

The bartenders, the cake, and the 50 party guests begin to arrive at the black tie event.  Kari patiently waits for Mariah to show up a whole two hours late.  When Mariah does show up, she pulls up in a stretch Hummer Limo, making her grand entrance and all.

I don't like to call people Ghetto, because that is such a bad word to use.  However, Mariah you were border line...The party really seemed up class, being that it was a black tie event on the red carpet.  Everyone was dress nicely, the band was playing, and people were just sitting around chatting with one another for the most part.  But in walks diva Mariah and the party begins to go in a different direction.  She greets her guest by saying hey honey...yes honey she's here...I was fashionable late...but I'm here now....all along not knowing her guests are irritated, because she is late. 

So, the show begins to take another turn when we see Mariah's mom Lucy approach Simone and Toya.  We
This is Mama Lucy...Mariah's mother.
see her give Simone a peck on the cheek and Simone asks Lucy "What do you think of everything?"

Lucy says there's a little bathtub over there, a fireplace right there, and a little candlelight...what's good about that?  Toya tells her to stop with the comments and states it looks nice.  Mama Lucy told Toya that she didn't have anything nice to say about Mariah's party, so why are you complimenting Kari's.  Simone however made the comment Mariah had a beautiful gathering.  But Mama Lucy is not hearing it... she tells the ladies they didn't have anything to say nice about Mariah's party and Simone says yes we did it was fabulous, but Mama Lucy wasn't really too concern about how Simone felt about the party she wanted to hear from Toya's mouth how she felt.  Toya says it's no comparison and she already told Mariah how she felt about her party and there is no need to repeat it. 

Then Mama Lucy ask Toya was she hating.  Then the conversation gets a little bit personal. Mama Lucy accused Toya of taking trashy ish and tells Toya to leave the conversation where it is and it's best she doesn't say anything else to her. 

So, then Toya approaches Kari and tells her she is really really pissed off at the fact Mama Lucy told Toya she did not compliment Mariah at her party.  She feels like she was dis-respected by her elder. 

Mariah (Left) Toya (Right)
Kari's husband Dr. Duncan decides to call it a night by ending the party early (which is really right onMariah's late arrival), but Kari isn't ready for it be over.  Kari tells her husband she is over it and decides to get the music rocking, get Toya a shawl, and turn up the fire.  Kari then exists the scene to her house and Toya makes her way to Mariah to express her concern for the conversation between Mama Lucy and her.  It was so rude of Toya to interrupt Mariah while speaking to her other guests...anyway...
time, considering

Mariah suggest that Toya tells Mama Lucy how she feels instead of coming to her.  Toya then says Lucy is ghetto and Mariah is just like her mom.  So Mariah's voice begins to elevate, Mariah waves her hand in Toya's hair, Toya throws her drink in Mariah's face, and Mariah swings.  Please you have to watch it and by the way Kari had no ideal this is all going on...remember she went to the house to get Toya a shawl.

Here's some after pictures of the fight...
 Top Left to Right: Mariah being pulled by Toya, but Mariah makes a comeback by throwing Toya on the ground.
Bottom Left to Right: Mariah, Husband Aydin, and Quad.  Toya boo-hooing with Dr. Simone

In walks Kari with a police officer. Mariah is hollering off this is her party and she doesn't have to leave.  Dr. Aydin is telling the police to relax and then makes a very nice gesture to apologize to Dr. Duncan.  It doesn't look at all that the guests are scared, they are just hanging around. 

Meanwhile, after the fight Toya rushes to the bathroom with Simone and Simone begins to ask questions:

Dr. Simone: Who swung first?
Toya: She did. She flipped my hair. 
Dr. Simone: Girl this is too much.

My Discrection about some things from Married to Medicine Season 1 Episode 4
#ONE I made a decision to not post a picture of Mariah's daughter.  I may decide to post a picture later.  But keep in mind other websites and blogs probable have photo(s) of her daughter.  My decision for that was just for privacy.  I don't like posting pictures of children for bad publicity. 

#TWO I posted the video of the ladies fighting for pure entertainment.  In some ways I feel like the fight was staged.  I read a post from the Bravo's website that the fight was staged, because the ladies were not throwing punches.  They were only pulling hair.  Yeah, I kind of agree with that, but in the back on my mind I'm like I know you wouldn't stoop that low for fame. 

#THREE Did you really think Mariah and Dr. Aydin will divorce?
Heck no!  This may have been the worse thing the couple has ever went through, but it's definitely not enough to divorce over.  I believe Dr. Aydin just wants Mariah to own up to her mistake and I'm sure in the future episodes we will soon find this out. 

Season 1 Episode 3 Rewind: Click now to read my recap.

Season 1 Episode 5 Fast forward:  What's next after the fight?  Find out what Dr. Jackie thinks about the whole event, after not being in attendance.  I did read about her being happy she was on call for the hospital that night, lol!  But on a serious note will Dr. Aydin forgive his wife for the ruckus she has cause?  Stay tune and check out the rerun of  Married to Medicine fight Sunday night along with a brand new episode. 

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American Idol Results for 4/18/13: I'll be quick you guys!

Janelle Arthur says good-bye to American Idol
Mariah Carey, along with the other judges say bye to Janelle Arthur tonight.  Although, we say our good-byes to Janelle, I have to say the show was rather good last night.  The Idols opened the show with the late legendary Donna Summers tribute. 

She Works Hard for the Money was one of the singles the Idol's perform.  I loved everyone singing that song last night, except Angie Miller.  She was very off key.  However, Janelle did surprisingly great...I can't believe I'm saying that. 

Some things I am OMGing about on tonight's episode: 
There were a couple of things I saw last night, that had my eye brow we go

# ONE When Paula Abdul came out during Candice's critique thong show... Yep, it's true.  Okay, so Nicki you know this just gives us more dirt to talk about on you.  The Twitter world last night was like blowing up about your sassy red mini dress last night and here is just one more thing to add to your bliss.  I don't want people to dislike you, because I am obsessed with you.  I know you want to give the people something to talk about, but thongs and boobies are not what we want to talk about.  You are known for so much more.
Of course Paula Abdul is in the middle to separate Nicki and Mariah.
But the thing I want to point out is Nicki Minaj's thong.  It was way worse than this, but this is
only picture I could find.  Also, shout out the security guards behind
the judges.  I never knew they were there.  Duh right!
  #TWO Was Candice really surprised when Paula Abdul came out?  Paula definitely got choke up, but Candice I just wanted to see a tear...Just one freaking tear.  By the way Paula, How you doing! You looked great and diva-licious.
Was Candice Glover really surprised when Paula Abdul came out?
I really couldn't tell by her reaction.
#THREE Jordin Sparks was sitting in the audience at the Idol Show with her man.  First, she looks great.  Two, she has a great looking guy on her shoulder.
American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks
boyfriend Jason Derulo
#FOUR Fantasia showed up and showed out.  It was so weird looking at Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia, from where they started and now where they are.  I love both girls and they are very successful in the R&B community.  Fantasia honey you looked like a million bucks last night.  Way to show Idol how you have grown.  Oh, and by the way my Clay Aiken sounded like my cousin Leroy in the church choir.  That's not a bad thing.  I believe he did his thing on the show last night.  I could see that song in my car on repeat actually.  Plus, he got a standing round of applause from the judges. 
Beautiful! She sang her new single Lose to Win

#FIVE Amber was very shocked to not be called in the bottom 2. So, was I. 

Finally, we say bye to Janelle Arthur.  I don't think this will be the last time we will see her.  She will be a great country singer once someone molds her into one.  She has the voice, but I don't think she knows the genre of music she wants. 
Surprisingly you made it very far.  You were not my favorite, but you had your moments.
Check out Mrs. Mariah Carey's transformation for the few months while appearing on American Idol Season 12.  
Before you guys boo me, I didn't post this picture to be mean.
I wanted to make a point and show you how her look has
changed between Jan. 2013 thru May 2013.  Mariah Carey looks really good
after birthing twins I think it's just the picture or maybe the green
dress she has on the left that makes her look squeezed and bulged.
The center picture was taken about 2 months
after been one of the host on American Idol.  The last picture
was taken May 8, 2013. 
Also...Fantasia has a new album out called
Side Effects of You

Fantasia looks great and we are celebrating her all month long.  Please
support her and pick up her new album.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

American Idol S12/Ep 28 The Top 5 finalists

We love U Boston!
Our Prayers go out to U!
American Idol top 5 finalists compete.
This is the whole truth and nothing, but the truth...All the girls from last night were superb.  I didn't agree with both song choices from Amber Holcomb and Janelle Arthur, but they all still wowed me.  My prediction is Janelle and Amber will be in the bottom 2 and Janelle may go home. 

The show opened up with Ryan showing some love to Boston and introducing our top 5 ladies, which are:

Angie Sung
 Beyoncé's Halo last night on Idol
Photo Credit:
1. Candice Glover
2. Janelle Arthur
3. Kree Harrison
4. Angie Miller
5. Amber Holcomb

It was a diva-licious night as the girls sung singles from their birth year and from already establish divas in the music industry.  But it just wasn't a diva moment for the contestants.  Miss Nicki Minaj  had her share too.

He also mention we have less than a month before we know who the next American idol will be for season 12.  Yay!  Tonight the ladies had the opportunity to sang 2 themes.  The first theme was IDOL BIRTH and the second theme was DIVA.

So, before I get into details about last night performance, I want to start out with Nicki Minaj's outfit.

Work Miss Nicki Minaj!  Rumors are you looked liked a hooker last night,
but if I had that bod, I would work it too!
Nicki Minaj's luxurios red dress on last night's idol. 
You know how she likes to call the ladies little lady bugs...Well, tonight she was the actually lady bug in that red hot mini dress with boobies popping out everywhere.  I was thinking to myself...I know Randy and Keith could not keep their eyes off her cleavage, because I certainly couldn't.  She was fierce last night in that dress, to her red lips, to that blonde wig.  Yes honey worked!!!!

Keep reading more on what the judges thought about the idols performance last night and read what I judged the idols on too!

Candice's outfit on last night Idol.
I love the straight hair look, but
I am still hating on her black bottoms.
Candice was first to perform tonight.  She was born November 22, 1989 and started with Straight Up By: Paula Abdul, in which Janelle helped her with her song choice..  Her second choice was I believe By: Mariah Carey and legendary Whitney Houston.
Keith: Baby, that was so good.  That was such a great version of that song.  I didn't realize that was a great song (really Keith).  Your vocals are incredible and you have such a beautiful control.  Her runs are like someone waving out the window and you have set the bar so high for the other contestants.

Nicki:  How are you candy girl?  I just want to congratulate you for making it to the top 5 and I know you tried out last year.  I think it goes to show you are strong and I love strong women.  So, my hat is off to you for that alone.  You are the boss. I don't know what you are talking about Keith that song has always been great.  So, please get it together.  That song makes me very happy. I like that you put your own spin on it.

Randy Jackson: Yo! Um, alright look I love the arrangement.  I thought it was so cool, I thought it made the song more current.  You so in the zone, you are relax, following the camera around, you're right where you should be, and I got to give a shout out to my girl Paula Abdul.

Mariah Carey: Unpredictable, smart as always.  Genius! That is a feel good song.  Putting that Candice on it. 

Jimmy: I disagree with the judges this week on this.  This was a song for a much now vocal range.  What she needs is a song to kill the vocal range she had last week.

Janelle was born December, 12,1989 and started with Vince Gill When I Call Your Name.  Her

Janelle Arthur's fashion bliss on Idol.  Love the glitter
second song choice was Dumb Blonde By: Dolly Parton

Nicki: Hello Nelle!  What I was going to say...First of all congratulations as well you made it to the top 5 as well.  I remember giving a critique to Angie about her piano, when you have your guitar you are so much comfortable.  You don't even have to move on the stage.  It's kind of like you are allowing us into your world.  I would hope to persuade you to do more performance when it's you and your guitar, because I kind of feel when you don't have your guitar you feel the need to over compensate by doing things that make it seem not authentic.  Congratulations....I agree, because if you watched her second performance that comment makes sense.

Randy:  Yo! I feel like this song kind of brought you back a little for me.  I think you do a really great job.  Janelle is back.  That is what you truly, truly love.  I think people will respond more to you when you are completely honest.

Mariah:  I believe you!  You were singing with your whole heart tonight.  It was so raw and real. I just want to say keep that confidence.  Because you know who you are and can't nobody take that away from you.

Keith:  I guess I'm going to be the alone  guy on this panel.  I love that song Janelle.  That song is all emotion.  As far as hitting the notes that was perfect, but I didn't feel it.  I disagree with Nicki I think you could of did it without your guitar.

Jimmy:  N/A
Kree Harrison was sleek and diva-licious last night.
I'm so happy she stepped away from the black
Kree was born May 17, 1990 and started out singing She Talks to Angels By: The Black Crowes.  Her second song choice was Have You Ever Been in Love By Celine Dion

Randy: Yo! Kree man! Yo man! I loved your voice from note one.  What I love about you is all the naturalness in your voice.  You got a natural blues, soulful thing in your voice.  I'm believing everything you said.  I don't know if it was flawless, but absolutely love it.

Mariah:  You can sang anything and I love to hear it.  I love when you lose yourself in song.  I felt like tonight you had a moment to perform.  But my favorite Kree moments is when you get lost in the songs.

Keith: I agree with you Mariah.  There are moments when you don't feel comfortable singing the song.  The great thing about your voice is it is so fine and beautiful that it carries me all the way through.

Nicki:  I disagree with Keith and Mariah.  I agree with Randy. That was the best performance of the night.   Better than Candice and better Jenelle's.  I understand what he saying, but those are the heels and he a boy and doesn't get it.  This was the first performance of the night that I felt like could be a current song in 2013 or 2014.  Then Mariah says interesting, I wasn't saying she was awkward, so you don't completely disagree with me....Nicki, yea I do, simmer down sir...what I was going to say is I'm not mad when you do songs like that.  I don't think there is noting to critique I love it when you do songs like this....Did Nicki really just call Mariah a sir?! OUCH...I'm speechless.

Jimmy: Whoa! It's good to see Nick and Mariah communicate! But overall it felt very Kumbaya to me.  This song just wasn't strong enough for Kree's vocal.  Kree and Candice may have left it way open tonight for somebody to come right down the middle and take the lead tonight, because the performance just wasn't strong enough.  They are going to have to kill it the next go around. 

Angie was born February 17, 1994 and started out singing I'll Stand By You By: The Pretenders in

Angie Miller on last night's Idol.
If you haven't heard her version of Beyoncé's Halo
please check it out on YouTube.
which dedicated to BOSTON!  Her second song choice was Halo By: Beyonce

Mariah: Perfect!  I'll heart and prayers go out to everyone in Boston.  Wow, The Pretenders.  You look to them for inspiration.  Not to say go away from who you are at all.  It was perfect tonight, especially for you hometown.

Keith:  I love you at the piano.  I love forward to you hitting the run.  Where your edges get softer, where you make me want to cry every time. It's just beautiful.

Nicki:  Yes, you know we are all obsessed when you are on the piano.  I'm so glad you made the choice.  I love the way you look and feel tonight.  You're more comfortable as well and I think that comes when you are on the piano, because you know who Angie is on the piano and I love the way you dedicated to your hometown.  That was such a smart choice for you as an artist outside of a human being.  Congratulations on a great performance. 

Randy: Yo! Let me just say this to.  The shout out to BOSTON is amazing.  In all of our hearts we are feeling a little heavy hearted tonight.  This top 5 girls is some of the best we have had in a long time.  I see each of you come up and whatever flaws we talk about, I think you are on your way.

Jimmy: Angie took one of weakness and turn it into a fabulous job.

Amber Holcomb from last night's
Amber was born March 17, 1994 and started out singing Without You By: Mariah Carey.  Her second song choice was What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life By: Barbara Streisand

Keith: Whew, we got an amber alert going...I don't why I said that...You singing has grown with leaps and bounds.  It was beautiful I loved it.

Nicki:  You know how much I adore you. Because Mariah's version is the only song I have to base off of, Mariah's has some feeling. I don't hear any feelings.  Mariah was going to give you something even before she going high.  When you went to the high notes I felt you were restricted.  I didn't like it baby.

Randy:  I give you mad props sitting in front of this legend.  I think you did a damn good job.

Mariah: Yes! Vote for Amber.  My mom use to sing that song to me when I was a baby.  You range is up, I love to hear you sing in that upper register.  I don't usually sing this song in America, because it's more of an international thing. 

Okay, so here is my take...Get Ready, it's going to be rough

I absolutely loved both of Candice's song choice. Oh my goodness, but that second song choice was tearful, soulful, and just so special in it's own way.  Girlfriend, I could see you and Jennifer Hudson singing that song!  Like you already have what it takes.  And I'm so happy that they straighten your hair and you looked beautiful last night.  I was looking out in the audience and you had people standing to their feet with that second selection.  Oh my, I just can't stop saying great things about that performance. 

I am too threw with Janelle.  I understand you like to perform, but I don't understand why you are still here.  Your first performance was good, but I feel the other girls out performed you.  Everyone had two okay songs last night except for you.  Once, again I agree with are a commercial artist, which isn't a bad situation for you.  There are many commercial artist in the music industry.    This competition has stepped way up from last week.  Please if you make it another week, picked your song choice wisely. 

Again, another one of my favorite idols this season is Kree.  First, I just want to say I loved what she wore.  The moment that piano came in, I knew you were going to make me cry.  Your voice is so beautiful and the judges are right you are so soulful.  You can sing anything!  You are one of my favorites. 

Angie had an awesome night of performances.  You know I don't know if you all were feeling like I was, but I didn't think she was going to pull Beyoncé's song Halo off.  Her voice is so theatrical, but this was a perfect song choice.  I could actually hear myself singing Angie's version of Halo and listening to it in my car.  Her voice last night went to places, I didn't think it could go.  And last week my biggest concern was that, I don't see the moments where she is fully lost in the song...I guess she took my advice along with the judges, because I could see the tears welling up in her eyes after the Halo performance and it felt so real. 

Amber, Amber, Amber... I know the judges love her second song choice last night, but I think the song was too old for her.  I liked her first song choice much better. 

Tune in Thursday to watch Fantasia and Clay Akins and also be looking for my update. 

Fantasia Season 3 American Idol Winner and Clay Akins Season 2 runner up
>>Fast Forward their next week performance>>
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