Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beyonce and Jay Z's trip to Cuba

Beyoncé and Jay Z Photo Credit By: Enrique de la Osa
Imagine being very famous

Imagine being very rich. 

And you decide you want to celebrate your 5th year of marriage with your wife or husband by going to Cuba. 

While in Cuba you stir up large crowds every where you go, because of who you are.  You and your mate end up staying there for 4 days and while there you eat, attend night clubs, and visit other attractions in Cuba. 

So, it's the end of your 4 day trip and the Cuban government wants to possibly hit you with a $250,000 fine.  This is all because tourism is stated it is prohibited and they are against pro democracy activist. Hmmm....  Read below for better details....

To read more on this story visit here: Beyoncé and Jay Z's trip to Cuba

Beyoncé and Jay Z first appeared together in their Bonnie and Clyde video back in 2003. 

Blue Ivy Carter. 
Jay Z
Photo Credit:
Blah Bethany
Since then the couple has married and had a child name Blue Ivy Carter. 
I caught a glimpse of Beyoncé's new Pepsi commercial which displays her array of multiple personalities.  Her message was "Embrace your past, but live for now." 

Photo Credit:
Amelia Jude
Other funny pictures of the Carter Family:
Photo Credit: Hair Nista

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