Wednesday, May 15, 2013

American Idol Season 12 Epsiode 35 Results Show

My Hott Obsessions on American Idol Season 12 Epsiode 35 Results Show
1.  Alicia Keys Performance tonight.
2.  Angie Miller's cockiness right before being voted off Idol.
3.  Candice Glover and Kree Harrison were not my predictions for the final 2!
4.  Mariah Carey's whack song "Beautiful" featuring Migul.

Let me just start off by saying "You better play that piano Alicia Keys!"

Just in case you missed Alicia Keys make over, don't stress, because not much has change.  But what I have notice is...the braids are gone...hopefully forever, she has turned her grown woman sexy up, and honey she is looking fierce.  Just look at her and she is rocking that BOB.

Alicia Keys Album Girl On Fire
I was really happy Idol step up and bought in a big name African American artist other than Fantasia on the show.  I would have loved, loved, loved to see Beyoncé, but Alicia Keys was a nice fill in (no shade thrown).  She sung the heck out of that song off her new album called "Tears Always Win." 

Find Out  Who Was Voted Off:  When Angie Miller's name was called to be voted off last night on American Idol season 12, my jaw dropped to the floor.  I was such in an awful shock.  I felt like I kind of blank out for a moment, because I was yelling, screaming, but cheering at the television all at the same time.  My originally thoughts on who was going to be the top two female girls were Angie and Candice Glover.  Here is why:

 I thought this was what American Idol was looking for in a contestant this season. 

Angie Miller's farewell song after being voted off American Idol. 
That statement could have been true for Candice and Kree last night too!  But here's another thought to ponder on.  Did you feel like me and think Angie was kind of cocky Wednesday night.  You know Nicki said she looked so comfortable on the stage and Angie's response was she had a new pride about herself after leaving her hometown's parade, because they showed her so much love.  But maybe Angie you should have been more humble like the other two contestants, not to say she wasn't, but her confident level Wednesday was a little more than I could handle.  I believe Candice and Kree are the right choice for the top 2, but I have also notice how much they are alike in so many ways.  Why do you say that Queen Moore?  Here's why:

1.  The obvious one is they are Plus Size Diva's.  Did you catch that? 
2.  Soul singers (Did you hear Kree sing Have You Ever Been in Love By Celine Dion). Um...Fabulous!
3.  And what my third eye has notice about these ladies is they are the judge's favorites. 

Angie was really a competition in a box by herself, but the other two sisters are in a competition that is just too close for me to call who will be crown the new season 12 American Idol Winner. 

Did Idol Really just show that lame Song of Mariah Carey: One thing I wasn't thrilled, excited to see, or wanted more of was from Mariah Carey's new single called "Beautiful" featuring Miguel.  American Idol did a world premier on the video and don't get me wrong it was a beautiful video, but the style of the song was a different sound from her.  Please don't hate me for going so hard on her, but geesh I absolutely hated it...along with her outfit from Wednesday night too!

IN OTHER NEWS: My favorite performance ever from Angie Miller is "Halo," but I love her originally song too! 

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