Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Braxtons Season 3, Episode 11

Tamar is wearing a pair of sneakers.  Her sister Toni says she has to retire the heals and the end result is in the picture.
Tamar ditches heels for kicks
You know I was wondering how do people know what is the name of the shoe that Tamar is wearing?  Like did the paparazzi go in and ask the shoe store lady when Tamar left.  Somebody let me know please?  By the way if you are curious about what shoe it REALLY is, because I'm still not sure myself , check out the  Bel Bambini store she purchased them from...

So in this episode we find out Towanda hires a personal assistant for her sister Tamar to help while she is pregnant.  Let me just say HUNNIE the personal assistant James is hilarious.  Baby from his leather Burgundy purse to his head roll, he was pure comedy. 

DID YOU KNOW, The Braxton's sister Towanda has a business called the secret squirrel. It provides training to someone seeking to be a personal assistant. 

Towanda's personal assistant training school
Are you interested?

As Traci and Trina prepare to gear up for this pre-game performance.  Traci is singing the black National Anthem and she sounds a HOTT mess.  Like can somebody please give her some Tea  to clear the cracks in her voice...and where is Toni Braxton when you need her?  . 

Traci so worried about not messing up the words, but she REALLY needs to be worried about not missing a note.  I know y'all...I'm giving it to her, but it's the truth. And you know what they say when the truth is said...It shall set you free.  Even you Traci, kmsl!

Don't Traci look nice!  Real slim and pretty in pink
The sister are working on Season 4.  I was surprised
to hear that! 
Now she got a standing ovation from the audience, which is probably mostly her GLAM squad , but she is not getting that satisfaction from me.  However, I will say I am very proud of Traci for moving forward with her singing career, because her sisters in the past have not been supportive. 

Moving on to Trina's performance.  Her sisters Toni and Tamar said she sounded really good and I conquer that!  But honey she looked like the TIN WO-man from The Wizard of Oz.  She was so stiff and for her to want to do club theme songs, she is going to have to loosen up.  Queen Moore says more practice Trina, you need more practice. 

Trina Braxton performing at Pregame Basketball Game
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