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Married to Medicine Episode 4

Before the Married to Medicine Fight, lets have a recapped on episode 4.

Mariah visiting Toya's home a couple of days
before the husband's birthday party.
What a cutie pie
Mariah brings over Toya's son Avery a white Christening suit.  However Toya rejected it (not surprised about that). 

As Toya continues to remind us that Mariah and herself did not come from a silver spoon back ground, I'm just thinking to myself why wouldn't they like one another.  It's so strange when you have two people who are very similar, meaning they both are doctor's wives, they both come from the same background, and they run in the same social circle.  So, why can't you get along is the biggest question I have.  When it all boils down to it, I believe they hate on one another.  It's so sad to see that, because the petty things they are hating on one another for, you actually have real people in the world that don't have the fab life they have and the things they are fighting about is not petty for those types of people. 

We take our first glimpse in the operating room with Dr. Jackie performing a LEEP on her patient.
Married to Medicine Dr. Jackie performing surgery.
She states her personality is type A and she loves
what she does.  Read to the left to find out how
you can became a doctor.  She makes it sound
real easy. 
Photo Credit: Straight from the A

She states her personality is type A.  She loves what she does and it doesn't feel like it's work.  Her parents were school teachers with strict rules and she had to make A's.  D's and F's meant death and failure.  Her first gross anatomy test she failed in medical school.  After, flunking that first test she never left the gross anatomy lab, she stayed there.  She would go to her room and shower and come back, because she couldn't fail. Which has made her the person she says she is today. 

I 've also notice Jackie is a very good looking woman for her age.  I'm not sure how old she is, but I do know she works out to take care of her body.  After, leaving the operating room she heads to the gym to work out with her personal trainer Al. 

Dr. Jackie is consider the fat police in her practice, but
she states fitness equals being fine.
Then pops in Dr. Simone to try to talk Dr. Jackie in to hanging out with her and the girls.  I suppose for the wives husband's birthday bash. 

Dr. Simone says working out is important to your health and as a physician she will tell a patient to workout, but as far as for her...she doesn't work out...she works.  Sweating her hair out or for her muscles to hurt and ache is just not for her. 

Dr. Simone refers to Dr. Jackie as a work-a-holic, which keeps her from being social and she is even too busy to attend Dr. Duncan and Dr. Aydin's birthday.  I think Jackie is doing a really good job on stepping up her social game

Cutters Cigar, shout out to you guys in the ATL!

Toya (left) says Quad is like a little puppet and
Mariah is just working them strings. 
Toya and Simone catch up on some of the mess stirring around the ladies.  Toya states every time Quad comes around there has been drama.  I just thought that was really tacky for her to bring up any of Kari's personal business.

Simone asks Toya, Do you think Mariah is doing any instigating of these problems?

Toya, says Quad is like a little puppet and Mariah is just working them strings. 

Simone goes on to say Mariah is Quad's hype woman.  Mariah kind of pushes her and hypes her up to miss behave.  She also guarantees Toya, she has a great bond with Mariah.  Unlike Toya.  She says the things she says to Mariah are probably total perceived differently than what Toya says.

But Toya says Simone thinks she knows the real Mariah, but she just wants her to really and honestly look at her where she is today, because Mariah has changed from years and years ago. 

My thoughts on Mariah is, are we seeing one person
with a split personality.  I see Mariah as a strong
mama, wife, friend, and very well respected by the
people she encounters. 
My thoughts on that is are we seeing a Mariah with two different personalities?  I see Mariah on the 
show as a strong mother, wife, friend, and a very well respected person by the people she encounters. 

Now, she did lose her temper during the brawl between herself and Toya, but I believe it was due to the alcohol and the frustration about what was said about her daughter. 

But you know one thing I keep hearing Kari mention is everybody knows Mariah came from nothing....That statement along is not a mystery to me, because Mariah has shared that with us on several occasions.  The part that is a mystery is why Mariah would stoop down to Toya's level and shame her husband, his practice, and most importantly herself. 

The Day of the Party, and the day of the married to medicine fight...Are you ready for the T...cause I am...Buckle your seatbelts people, we are in for one hell of a ride...

Mariah sister's Lake spilling the messy gossip
from the beauty shop.  Now any and everyone knows
that's all they do is spread rumors and lies
at the beauty shop. 
In walks Lake, Mariah's sister. 

It's 2:00 in the evening and Lake brings this news of some gossip from the beauty shop. 

She tells Mariah she doesn't know if she is going to this damn party.  She was in the salon today and basically she heard Toya telling people that Aydin is not Mariah's daughter biological dad.  Then Lake was like how does she even know that?

Mariah admits she told Toya and she doesn't just go around telling her personal business to people, but she has been a friend to Toya, so she expected her to have that same level of respect for her...true, true...Oh, but it gets worse...

You need to watch the *ish that comes out your mouth.
Well, Mama Lucy, I think you should do the same.
Being that you are older, doesn't mean you can
talk to folks any type of way.  We respect you here
at Queen Moore, but you had got to do better.
Mariah's daughter doesn't even know Aydin isn't her dad..WOW!  So, Lake says you think your nerves bad now, but I just want to let you know mama was sitting right there with me listening to these people who don't even know us like that.  From what was said on the show, Mariah's mom can be tough to manage sometimes.  Her personality is colorful and so strong, that it has to be kept in check.  And in addition to that, Mama Lucy doesn't even like Toya.

In the midst of all the mess that is going on Mariah decides to still attend the party, because this is her husband's birthday party.  She decided she is going to deal with this issue, but she doesn't want to give Toya the gratification or a reaction.  Mariah states she will deal with this after the party.  However, we know that all to be untrue. 

Doesn't look like Kari is too frantic.  This is right before
the party she claims Mariah did not help her with. 
It's now 6:00p.m. and Kari is freaking out, because she states Mariah hasn't helped her with anything dealing with the birthday party. 

(My thought) She gave her money didn't she Kari....

Well, anyway..

The bartenders, the cake, and the 50 party guests begin to arrive at the black tie event.  Kari patiently waits for Mariah to show up a whole two hours late.  When Mariah does show up, she pulls up in a stretch Hummer Limo, making her grand entrance and all.

I don't like to call people Ghetto, because that is such a bad word to use.  However, Mariah you were border line...The party really seemed up class, being that it was a black tie event on the red carpet.  Everyone was dress nicely, the band was playing, and people were just sitting around chatting with one another for the most part.  But in walks diva Mariah and the party begins to go in a different direction.  She greets her guest by saying hey honey...yes honey she's here...I was fashionable late...but I'm here now....all along not knowing her guests are irritated, because she is late. 

So, the show begins to take another turn when we see Mariah's mom Lucy approach Simone and Toya.  We
This is Mama Lucy...Mariah's mother.
see her give Simone a peck on the cheek and Simone asks Lucy "What do you think of everything?"

Lucy says there's a little bathtub over there, a fireplace right there, and a little candlelight...what's good about that?  Toya tells her to stop with the comments and states it looks nice.  Mama Lucy told Toya that she didn't have anything nice to say about Mariah's party, so why are you complimenting Kari's.  Simone however made the comment Mariah had a beautiful gathering.  But Mama Lucy is not hearing it... she tells the ladies they didn't have anything to say nice about Mariah's party and Simone says yes we did it was fabulous, but Mama Lucy wasn't really too concern about how Simone felt about the party she wanted to hear from Toya's mouth how she felt.  Toya says it's no comparison and she already told Mariah how she felt about her party and there is no need to repeat it. 

Then Mama Lucy ask Toya was she hating.  Then the conversation gets a little bit personal. Mama Lucy accused Toya of taking trashy ish and tells Toya to leave the conversation where it is and it's best she doesn't say anything else to her. 

So, then Toya approaches Kari and tells her she is really really pissed off at the fact Mama Lucy told Toya she did not compliment Mariah at her party.  She feels like she was dis-respected by her elder. 

Mariah (Left) Toya (Right)
Kari's husband Dr. Duncan decides to call it a night by ending the party early (which is really right onMariah's late arrival), but Kari isn't ready for it be over.  Kari tells her husband she is over it and decides to get the music rocking, get Toya a shawl, and turn up the fire.  Kari then exists the scene to her house and Toya makes her way to Mariah to express her concern for the conversation between Mama Lucy and her.  It was so rude of Toya to interrupt Mariah while speaking to her other guests...anyway...
time, considering

Mariah suggest that Toya tells Mama Lucy how she feels instead of coming to her.  Toya then says Lucy is ghetto and Mariah is just like her mom.  So Mariah's voice begins to elevate, Mariah waves her hand in Toya's hair, Toya throws her drink in Mariah's face, and Mariah swings.  Please you have to watch it and by the way Kari had no ideal this is all going on...remember she went to the house to get Toya a shawl.

Here's some after pictures of the fight...
 Top Left to Right: Mariah being pulled by Toya, but Mariah makes a comeback by throwing Toya on the ground.
Bottom Left to Right: Mariah, Husband Aydin, and Quad.  Toya boo-hooing with Dr. Simone

In walks Kari with a police officer. Mariah is hollering off this is her party and she doesn't have to leave.  Dr. Aydin is telling the police to relax and then makes a very nice gesture to apologize to Dr. Duncan.  It doesn't look at all that the guests are scared, they are just hanging around. 

Meanwhile, after the fight Toya rushes to the bathroom with Simone and Simone begins to ask questions:

Dr. Simone: Who swung first?
Toya: She did. She flipped my hair. 
Dr. Simone: Girl this is too much.

My Discrection about some things from Married to Medicine Season 1 Episode 4
#ONE I made a decision to not post a picture of Mariah's daughter.  I may decide to post a picture later.  But keep in mind other websites and blogs probable have photo(s) of her daughter.  My decision for that was just for privacy.  I don't like posting pictures of children for bad publicity. 

#TWO I posted the video of the ladies fighting for pure entertainment.  In some ways I feel like the fight was staged.  I read a post from the Bravo's website that the fight was staged, because the ladies were not throwing punches.  They were only pulling hair.  Yeah, I kind of agree with that, but in the back on my mind I'm like I know you wouldn't stoop that low for fame. 

#THREE Did you really think Mariah and Dr. Aydin will divorce?
Heck no!  This may have been the worse thing the couple has ever went through, but it's definitely not enough to divorce over.  I believe Dr. Aydin just wants Mariah to own up to her mistake and I'm sure in the future episodes we will soon find this out. 

Season 1 Episode 3 Rewind: Click now to read my recap.

Season 1 Episode 5 Fast forward:  What's next after the fight?  Find out what Dr. Jackie thinks about the whole event, after not being in attendance.  I did read about her being happy she was on call for the hospital that night, lol!  But on a serious note will Dr. Aydin forgive his wife for the ruckus she has cause?  Stay tune and check out the rerun of  Married to Medicine fight Sunday night along with a brand new episode. 

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