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American Idol Results for 4/18/13: I'll be quick you guys!

Janelle Arthur says good-bye to American Idol
Mariah Carey, along with the other judges say bye to Janelle Arthur tonight.  Although, we say our good-byes to Janelle, I have to say the show was rather good last night.  The Idols opened the show with the late legendary Donna Summers tribute. 

She Works Hard for the Money was one of the singles the Idol's perform.  I loved everyone singing that song last night, except Angie Miller.  She was very off key.  However, Janelle did surprisingly great...I can't believe I'm saying that. 

Some things I am OMGing about on tonight's episode: 
There were a couple of things I saw last night, that had my eye brow we go

# ONE When Paula Abdul came out during Candice's critique thong show... Yep, it's true.  Okay, so Nicki you know this just gives us more dirt to talk about on you.  The Twitter world last night was like blowing up about your sassy red mini dress last night and here is just one more thing to add to your bliss.  I don't want people to dislike you, because I am obsessed with you.  I know you want to give the people something to talk about, but thongs and boobies are not what we want to talk about.  You are known for so much more.
Of course Paula Abdul is in the middle to separate Nicki and Mariah.
But the thing I want to point out is Nicki Minaj's thong.  It was way worse than this, but this is
only picture I could find.  Also, shout out the security guards behind
the judges.  I never knew they were there.  Duh right!
  #TWO Was Candice really surprised when Paula Abdul came out?  Paula definitely got choke up, but Candice I just wanted to see a tear...Just one freaking tear.  By the way Paula, How you doing! You looked great and diva-licious.
Was Candice Glover really surprised when Paula Abdul came out?
I really couldn't tell by her reaction.
#THREE Jordin Sparks was sitting in the audience at the Idol Show with her man.  First, she looks great.  Two, she has a great looking guy on her shoulder.
American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks
boyfriend Jason Derulo
#FOUR Fantasia showed up and showed out.  It was so weird looking at Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia, from where they started and now where they are.  I love both girls and they are very successful in the R&B community.  Fantasia honey you looked like a million bucks last night.  Way to show Idol how you have grown.  Oh, and by the way my Clay Aiken sounded like my cousin Leroy in the church choir.  That's not a bad thing.  I believe he did his thing on the show last night.  I could see that song in my car on repeat actually.  Plus, he got a standing round of applause from the judges. 
Beautiful! She sang her new single Lose to Win

#FIVE Amber was very shocked to not be called in the bottom 2. So, was I. 

Finally, we say bye to Janelle Arthur.  I don't think this will be the last time we will see her.  She will be a great country singer once someone molds her into one.  She has the voice, but I don't think she knows the genre of music she wants. 
Surprisingly you made it very far.  You were not my favorite, but you had your moments.
Check out Mrs. Mariah Carey's transformation for the few months while appearing on American Idol Season 12.  
Before you guys boo me, I didn't post this picture to be mean.
I wanted to make a point and show you how her look has
changed between Jan. 2013 thru May 2013.  Mariah Carey looks really good
after birthing twins I think it's just the picture or maybe the green
dress she has on the left that makes her look squeezed and bulged.
The center picture was taken about 2 months
after been one of the host on American Idol.  The last picture
was taken May 8, 2013. 
Also...Fantasia has a new album out called
Side Effects of You

Fantasia looks great and we are celebrating her all month long.  Please
support her and pick up her new album.

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