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Tyler Perry The Haves and the Have Nots Season 1, Episode 1

My review of the show, is it feels like a soap opera to me.  I don't like how Mr. Perry has the show setup like back in the old days. 
For Pictures from Episode 1 of The Haves and the Have Nots

You have this rich white family (Cryer Family) with black and white ladies for maids (Hanna & Celine).  The one educated black woman on the first episode is kind of stuck up, snotty, and honey she is just a little too much for me (Veronica Harrington).

The storyline is one that I like.  I would say if you are into soap opera drama then you're going to like the television series or if you just love the way how Tyler Perry writes then this will give you a reason to love the show too. 
Candice Young with friend Amanda Cryer
So, in the very first episode  the Cryer Family is apparently having many problems.  We learn they have 2 children.  A daughter name Amanda who likes to cut herself and a son Wyatt in rehab recovering from his drinking habit, but he is not succeeding.  One of Amanda's friends is black and she is actually a CALL girl.  Amanda lets this friend named Candace, come over and stay at her home, but before I go into the party scene drama, we learn Candace has slept with Amanda's dad. 

The look on Amanda's dad face (Jim Cryer) is full of surprising shockery when he sees Candace again, but instead of in the hotel room where they slept together, she is standing in his home, in his kitchen with his wife and daughter. 

Still not convince about this soap opera drama series?  Watch the 60 second video of what's coming up on this season of Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots.

Of course Candace plays her part and acts as though this is the first time she is meeting everyone.  Later on in the show the Cryer's are celebrating Jim Cryer's birthday and throw him a small party with a few guests.   The black maid named Hanna we find out is Candace's mother, but no one else knows this piece of information except the white maid named Celine.  The snotty black educated woman named Veronica tries to call Candace out by asking about her family. 

Candace tells everyone her dad is a doctor, her mother is dead ( which we know is not true, because Hanna the maid is her mom), and she is going to LAW school. 

When Hanna overhears all of these lies Candace is telling everyone she spills a drink on Candace supposedly on accident and waits until Candace is alone to address these lies.  Hanna sees her daughter Candace in the hallway and ask her is she there to rob the Cryer family and she also asks about Candace's son, her grandson.  Candace in return is very disrespectful, ugly to her mother, but insists she is acting the same way her mother use to act when she was younger. 

Hanna badly wants to tell the Cryer family about her daughter, but Celine insists that she doesn't.  Veronica offers some helpful advice to Katheryn and just asks her watch her back when it comes to her daughter's friend Candace. 

Jim Cryer tries to tell Candace she needs to leave his home, but Candace offers him a deal of giving her $100,000 and a car to keep their big secret quiet.  Wyatt was seen getting a drink in the middle of the night and sees his dad and Candace go off to another room to have this conversation, but neither Jim Cryer or Candace sees him.

Keep strolling to see the cast!!

I hope you guys are really enjoying the show as I am.  The first 20 minutes of the show was rather uninteresting, but it got heated toward the remaining 30 minutes of episode 1.  I'm not sure yet who is the HAVES or THE HAVE NOTS.  From the title of the show I would guess the Cryers are the Haves and everyone else is the Have Nots, but only time will tell. 

I'm looking forward to see how this will play out and I hope you enjoy my honesty on the whole take of the show. 
Tyler Perry The Haves and The Have Nots on OWN Cast:

1. Jim Cryer - Katheryn's husband Hanna & Wyatt's dad;

2. Katheryn Cryer - Jim's wife, Amanda's & Wyatt's mother

3. Amanda Cryer - Daughter of Jim & Katheryn

4. Wyatt Cryer- Son of Jim & Katheryn Cryer

5. Hanna Young-The Black Maid, Candace's & Benny's Mother

6. Candace Young- The Call Girl, Hanna's daughter, & Benny's sister

7. Benny Young- Candace's brother & Hanna's brother

8. David Harrington - Veronica's husband & Jeffery's dad

9. Jeffery Harrington - Veronica & David's son

10. Veronica Harrington - Jeffery's wife & Jeffery's mom

11. Celine Gonzales- White Maid

Looking for more pictures of the cast? Here's a few, but not many

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