Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Braxton's Season 3, Episode 8

On The Braxton's Season 3, Episode 8 Tamar tells her mom there is a baby baking in the oven. 
The Braxtons on GMA
Tamar is pregnant and it just happen out the blue, according to her.  Is this a hint that she is having a baby boy?

Tamar and best friend Tiny
Her mother Evelyn is very happy and says this will make grand-child number 12.  Tamar says she doesn't want anyone to know, because her sisters are telling tubbies and they tell to the wrong person.  Tamar wants a girl just like herself and says she wants her mommy to move to LA with her to take care of her. 

I thought it was so cute how Tamar deliver the news to her sisters by inviting them to dinner and pouring them a glass of wine.  She asks them to take a drink to do a toast, but they notice Tamar was drinking water, which is un-usually of her.  She said the pregnancy didn't happen through the in vitro she was on during the past season, but it happen naturally.  Yay Tamar!  We at Queen Moore are very happy for you. 

Trina is back in the studio again to put the finish touches on her single Game Time.  Her first single Party or Go Home did really well!  She states her music career in Atlanta has really taken off, but she needs to move to LA for it to soar.  Gabe doesn't think it's a great ideal to move to LA, because of the cost of living there, their children are still in school, and the money he just put down on Trina's new single has stretch his pockets a little.  Brother man says he has money, but he isn't made of it. 

Meanwhile Trina goes house shopping in LA with her husband Gabe.  The realtor is the same lady that sold Nene Leakes her home in LA.  How neat is that!  The house she wants is $5 million dollars and says she will have to wear knee pads for a month, no a year to repay her husband...did you catch that, kmsl!  Gabe is not for it though.  He's in price shock and all he sees is dollar signs!

The Braxton Sisters & Vibe Magazine

Traci Braxton
before and after
weight loss. 
 She looks good
 either size.
Traci Braxton
before and after weight loss photos are the bomb dot com.  She says she has been working so hard on her body.  You can see some definition in Traci's weight in the weight loss photos.  Her secret is cutting carbs and eating vegetables.  I love the fact that when the sisters had their cook off at Tamar's house in LA, she prepared to eat.  Meaning she worked out with Sgt Tchicaya at the gym extra hard, before eating her mama's pig feet and chitterlings. 

Tamar Braxton opens up about her plastic
 surgery and  record deal

Old School, but still a jam from Toni Braxton herself. In the back you will see Trina and Tamar Braxton as the background singers. I also notice Toni Braxton has on a wedding ring and Tamar doesn't. So, apparently this video was filmed way before The Braxton Family Values. 

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