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The Braxton's Season 3 Episode 3

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Tamar continues to promote her Love and War single, while Towanda is still upset about the tension between Tamar and herself.  Towanda is upset with Tamar, because of the Tamar and Vince show which aired on WE-TV September of 2012.  All of the sisters are really feeling some type of way towards Tamar, but Tamar just thinks the sisters are all hating on her new profound career. 
Meanwhile Tamar does interviews with and she also films her Love and War video. 
1. Anderson Cooper Live
2. Abiol Abrams
3. Jack Thriller

We also learn Trina Braxton's engagement and wedding ring is a fake!  Her husband Gabe proposed and married her with it.  Although, he makes a lot of money, Trina says he is just cheap.  The ring actually turned out to be a cubic zirconium. 

You would have thought the drama with the sisters and Dr. Sherry Blake was all over in season 2, but it isn't.  The sisters and mama Braxton, Evelyn have a sit down counseling session again during season 3, episode 3 of The Braxton's.  It seems like the main reason they needed the visit to Dr. Sherry's office is to fix their relationship with one another.  Tamar is angry, because she thinks her sisters hates her.  Trina states before season 1 begin, the show was suppose to be a family show in which it was agreed upon with all the sister that they would do appearances together and no one would do a spin off show, like Tamar went and did with her husband Vince. 

Dr. Sherry tells the sister, that they are holding a lot of- stuff and it needs to be said to one another, but they can't just point the finger at Tamar and expect for her to be okay with the darts that are being thrown at her. 

When Tamar arrives  after filming her video Love and War, she greets her sisters with hugs and kisses, but she does have her guard up, because she is the last sister to enter in the session and she just knows the sisters are against her. 

So in the counseling session, Towanda says it was hard for her to be excited about the Tamar and Vince Show, because of the way how it was presented to her.  Towanda says she is happy for her sister, but it's the way how she went about it.  She also attacks Tamar's marriage with Vince when she says Tamar turns a deaf ear when her husband does certain things.  Toni Braxton jumps in and takes Towanda side and says Tamar talks about everyone else's husband, but turns a blind eye when her husband's does something. 

Tamar said in frustration she may have said "F" the Braxton's Family Values, because there were times when they were backing out of rehearsals, being late, or not showing up at all.  She also stated they were lazy and whack and whack is something she's not trying to be with, because she doesn't want the whack juice on her.  She tells the sisters she should have never came to the session and then gets into a confrontation with her sister Traci.  In all honesty I'm not sure what they were arguing about, but from last season we know Tamar and Traci have their own issues with one another.  If you watched Episode 3, you would have saw how heated their conversation was and that it looked like it may have lead to a brawl, but we hope these sister will never put their hands on one another. 

Finally, we see sister Toni Braxton walks out of the therapy session, because Tamar made the comment that all her sisters are jealous of her. 


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