Thursday, May 23, 2013

Candice Glover Interview With Jay Leno

Candice Glover interviewed with Jay Leno.  She's hitting the floor running and I love it.  I have the full video below, but I have jotted down a few things that stood out to me in this 9 minute video. 

She just graces the stage so effortlessly.  One thing tho, I hate her little bye-bye wave she gives the crowd.  Candice tells Jay she is happy that the competition is over and she is glad she won as well.  Not having the stress of being cut every Wednesday is a reliever.  We all know Candice tried out twice before.  The first time she made it to the TOP 70 and the second time TOP 60. 

In season 9 Simon was not a fan of Candice.  He stated she would be a lounge singer in a hotel lobby and people would be eating peanuts and turn their heads at her unsuccessfulness.  But she says it pushed her to come back and win 3 seasons later.  Simon is such a grouch sometimes!

Candice said she was not sad Simon was not there and she is glad Mariah and Nicki were there.  She says she stayed more focus on her performance instead of Nicki and Mariah's drama. 

Candice Performs on Live with Kelly and Michael

Watch Angie Miller Streaming Video as she
performs on Live with Kelly and Michael. 
 She performs You Set Me Free
Kree Harrison performs her single All Cried Out 
on Live with Kelly and Michael I was a
little confuse that she was singing
country music?

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