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Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots Season 1, Episodes 1-3 Reviews

Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey have done it again!
Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots Episode One Review.

My review of the show, is it feels like a soap opera to me.  I don't like how Mr. Perry has the show setup like back in the old days. 
You have this rich white family (Cryer Family) with black and white ladies for maids (Hanna & Celine).  The one educated black woman on the first episode is kind of stuck up, snotty, and honey she is just a little too much for me (Veronica Harrington).

Can you guess the gay guy from the pic?  Is it Jeffery or Wyatt?
Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots Episode Two Review.

I love the things Tyler Perry comes up with.  Catch up as I spill my TEA reviews on Episode 2 of Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots.
The bedroom scene between Candace and her mom Hanna was off the change.  Honey, Hanna slapped her daughter Candace and then Candace raised her hand up to slap her mom back.  Then Candace laying in Mr. and Mrs. Cryer's bed talking about she want to live like this.  It has been a dream of hers.   Isn't that every girl's dream, to live foot loose fancy free and be rich?  Candice girl you better watch it, I think you're playing with fire. 

Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots Episode Three Review.
Candace has taken research to a whole new level.  Ladies if you want your man to start acting right, than do your research and you better get with the program and watch Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots Episode 3. 
I feel so bad for Kathryn Cryer.  Her husband is a ___ (you finish the sentence)
Kathryn Cryer definitely showed up and showed out in episode 3.  I don't know what it is about that bedroom scene drama, but it totally curves my toes.  This week she allowed us in her head and what's she's been thinking about these last two episodes.  She says she knows her husband is cheating, because of his history.  Honey he not only cheated with the secretary, but with her sister too!  BOOM, in your face right?  I know that's what I said.  READ MORE>>

Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots Season 1 Episode 2

I love the things Tyler Perry comes up with.  Catch up as I spill my TEA reviews on Episode 2 of Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots.

The bedroom scene between Candace and her mom Hanna was off the change.  Honey, Hanna slapped her daughter Candace and then Candace raised her hand up to slap her mom back.  Then Candace laying in Mr. and Mrs. Cryer's bed talking about she want to live like this.  It has been a dream of her's.   Isn't that every girl's dream, to live foot loose fancy free and be rich?  Candice girl you better watch it, I think you're playing with fire. 

I just LUV this PIC of Tyler and Oprah

I also found out Candace set up Jim Cryer.  Like she did all this research online about him so she could trap him into sleeping with her, become a friend to his daughter Amanda, and then black mail him into giving her whatever she demands out of him. 

I know Tika Sumpter when she played on the BET Tv show THE GAME as Jenna.  But she has also acted on DAYTIME Award Winning Soap Opera show One Life to Live
Oh, and I can't wait for the relationship between Kathryn and Hanna to develop full out.  Hanna tries to take very good care of her, but you know Kathryn usually fights her on it.  I believe Hanna is also a cancer survivor.  We see her change into one wig from another when she goes to Wednesday night bible study, so I'm assuming that is what she was sick from. 

David  and Victoria Harrington from The Haves and The Have Nots.  It opened to 1.77 million views. The9pm episode bought in 1.57 million viewers and the 10pm was at 1.67.  These are pretty high numbers for the OWN cable network.  Find out what the other Tv show was.  I'll give you a hint it was Michael's sister.

Plus, is everyone in to threaten Candace, because they feel it will scare her out of the Cryer house.  Wyatt tried to scare her into buying drugs for her, by telling her he saw his daddy and her kissing and Jim threatens to have something done to her physically if she doesn't stop black mailing him and move out of his house. 

Candace do you like old guys?  This was a question Wyatt hinted at her to let her know he saw her last night with his dad. 

Oprah took a lot of slack for her network not being so hott, but since the premier of Tyler Perry's The Haves or The Have Nots she had a little bit or relief Read More>>

And is Jeffery Harrington gay?  Amanda seems to not believe it, because she thinks Jeffery has a crush on Candace.  However, Candace thinks differently.  She says he is gay and it's a shame he has to hide in the dark about it.  

Wyatt caught him in the act though! 

He set up a video camera when Jeffery came in to check on him for lunch in his bedroom and recorded the LOOK that Jeffery gave him while walking out of the bedroom when Wyatt told Jeffery he wanted to get some rest.  You had to watch in order to see the look.  You know it was a look a woman would give a man to show she is interested.  You know when we bat our eyes and kind of lick our lips a little.  Ugh, I can't explain it no better than that. 

Here's what many of you are saying about The Haves and the Have Nots. 

How would you feel if you had to have someone with you 24 hours a day.  They go to the bathroom with you, eat, and even try to be in your every thought. 

Wyatt hates it and pretty much says it's tough to deal with.

Hanna decides to take Celine's advice and not tell the Cryers that Candace is her daughter.  She states she was sick a couple of months ago and she can't afford to lose her job.   

Read More>>
Jim Cryer is informed by David Harrington that their are people in their circle that want him to run for governor.  But he says there is a problem and the problem is Candace.  He says he met Candace online and it was just sex between them.  David became angry and says what about your wife.  Jim says he only uses his wife for appearance.  Jim also tells David Candace is black mailing him for $100,000 and a sports car.


David asked Jim what proof does Candace have on Jim, because he wants her to go away.   Of course it's the usually emails, texts, and DNA.  Pay the woman David insists!
And where are my manners.  Honey I haven't even introduce Candace's good looking brother.  He lives at the house with their mother and I found out Candace actually helps pays the mortgage.  Like for real! 

My Review

Queen Moore
Tyler Perry really knows how to bring the drama to television.  I'm so use to his television shows
being full of laughter and sadness, but never this dramatized. 

All I can do is to encourage you all to stay tune.  This show is only setup to air 16 episodes on OWN. 

I was blown away by the bedroom scene between Candace and her mother Hanna.  I wouldn't even think about slapping my mother no matter what our relationship is like.

Finding out Jeffery Harrington is gay, kind of took me by surprise too, but my blinders weren't closed all the way.  On the first episode he seemed kind of gayish, but you know how people are...they try to hide what they really are and instead give people what they want to see.

Oprah and Tyler Perry look exhausted, but hard work pays off.  It is looking more stable for the OWN channel. Read More>>

But the most explosive part of Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots was when I found out Candace set up Jim Cryer and then him mentioning he just married his wife for appearances.  Like clearly Kathryn is in love with her husband.  You can tell she is probably drowning her problems by drinking lots of alcohol and she is depress, because she knows what her husband does, but she still puts up with his B/S.  Um, Um, Um, that's every girls worse nightmare to find out your husband is cheating and you feel like there is really nothing you can do about it.  But I am cheering Kathryn on and I know Hanna is going to be her backbone when Kathryn picks herself up and puts her life back together. 

Did You Know...
It's was Tyler Perry's ideal to come to OWN.  Before he decided to come to OWN, he was thinking about starting his own network. Read More>>
Tyler Perry tells us Oprah is not a control freak, she let's go and let him do what he does best.  He also tells the people that have been supporting him since day one to watch the show.  It won't disappoint you.  Read More>>
Oprah also talks about the show Fix My Life with Iyanla.  She says with Iyanla came on her talk show the final year it aired she knew she was a godsend and the show will be successful.  Read More>>
The Preview Party held at Atlanta's House wife Cynthia Baily's husband club called Bar One

Tyler Perry in his home May 28 getting ready for the premier of his new Tv show The Haves and the Have Nots.

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Tyler Perry The Haves and the Have Nots Season 1, Episode 1

My review of the show, is it feels like a soap opera to me.  I don't like how Mr. Perry has the show setup like back in the old days. 
For Pictures from Episode 1 of The Haves and the Have Nots

You have this rich white family (Cryer Family) with black and white ladies for maids (Hanna & Celine).  The one educated black woman on the first episode is kind of stuck up, snotty, and honey she is just a little too much for me (Veronica Harrington).

The storyline is one that I like.  I would say if you are into soap opera drama then you're going to like the television series or if you just love the way how Tyler Perry writes then this will give you a reason to love the show too. 
Candice Young with friend Amanda Cryer
So, in the very first episode  the Cryer Family is apparently having many problems.  We learn they have 2 children.  A daughter name Amanda who likes to cut herself and a son Wyatt in rehab recovering from his drinking habit, but he is not succeeding.  One of Amanda's friends is black and she is actually a CALL girl.  Amanda lets this friend named Candace, come over and stay at her home, but before I go into the party scene drama, we learn Candace has slept with Amanda's dad. 

The look on Amanda's dad face (Jim Cryer) is full of surprising shockery when he sees Candace again, but instead of in the hotel room where they slept together, she is standing in his home, in his kitchen with his wife and daughter. 

Still not convince about this soap opera drama series?  Watch the 60 second video of what's coming up on this season of Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots.

Of course Candace plays her part and acts as though this is the first time she is meeting everyone.  Later on in the show the Cryer's are celebrating Jim Cryer's birthday and throw him a small party with a few guests.   The black maid named Hanna we find out is Candace's mother, but no one else knows this piece of information except the white maid named Celine.  The snotty black educated woman named Veronica tries to call Candace out by asking about her family. 

Candace tells everyone her dad is a doctor, her mother is dead ( which we know is not true, because Hanna the maid is her mom), and she is going to LAW school. 

When Hanna overhears all of these lies Candace is telling everyone she spills a drink on Candace supposedly on accident and waits until Candace is alone to address these lies.  Hanna sees her daughter Candace in the hallway and ask her is she there to rob the Cryer family and she also asks about Candace's son, her grandson.  Candace in return is very disrespectful, ugly to her mother, but insists she is acting the same way her mother use to act when she was younger. 

Hanna badly wants to tell the Cryer family about her daughter, but Celine insists that she doesn't.  Veronica offers some helpful advice to Katheryn and just asks her watch her back when it comes to her daughter's friend Candace. 

Jim Cryer tries to tell Candace she needs to leave his home, but Candace offers him a deal of giving her $100,000 and a car to keep their big secret quiet.  Wyatt was seen getting a drink in the middle of the night and sees his dad and Candace go off to another room to have this conversation, but neither Jim Cryer or Candace sees him.

Keep strolling to see the cast!!

I hope you guys are really enjoying the show as I am.  The first 20 minutes of the show was rather uninteresting, but it got heated toward the remaining 30 minutes of episode 1.  I'm not sure yet who is the HAVES or THE HAVE NOTS.  From the title of the show I would guess the Cryers are the Haves and everyone else is the Have Nots, but only time will tell. 

I'm looking forward to see how this will play out and I hope you enjoy my honesty on the whole take of the show. 
Tyler Perry The Haves and The Have Nots on OWN Cast:

1. Jim Cryer - Katheryn's husband Hanna & Wyatt's dad;

2. Katheryn Cryer - Jim's wife, Amanda's & Wyatt's mother

3. Amanda Cryer - Daughter of Jim & Katheryn

4. Wyatt Cryer- Son of Jim & Katheryn Cryer

5. Hanna Young-The Black Maid, Candace's & Benny's Mother

6. Candace Young- The Call Girl, Hanna's daughter, & Benny's sister

7. Benny Young- Candace's brother & Hanna's brother

8. David Harrington - Veronica's husband & Jeffery's dad

9. Jeffery Harrington - Veronica & David's son

10. Veronica Harrington - Jeffery's wife & Jeffery's mom

11. Celine Gonzales- White Maid

Looking for more pictures of the cast? Here's a few, but not many

The Braxtons Season 3, Episode 11

Tamar is wearing a pair of sneakers.  Her sister Toni says she has to retire the heals and the end result is in the picture.
Tamar ditches heels for kicks
You know I was wondering how do people know what is the name of the shoe that Tamar is wearing?  Like did the paparazzi go in and ask the shoe store lady when Tamar left.  Somebody let me know please?  By the way if you are curious about what shoe it REALLY is, because I'm still not sure myself , check out the  Bel Bambini store she purchased them from...

So in this episode we find out Towanda hires a personal assistant for her sister Tamar to help while she is pregnant.  Let me just say HUNNIE the personal assistant James is hilarious.  Baby from his leather Burgundy purse to his head roll, he was pure comedy. 

DID YOU KNOW, The Braxton's sister Towanda has a business called the secret squirrel. It provides training to someone seeking to be a personal assistant. 

Towanda's personal assistant training school
Are you interested?

As Traci and Trina prepare to gear up for this pre-game performance.  Traci is singing the black National Anthem and she sounds a HOTT mess.  Like can somebody please give her some Tea  to clear the cracks in her voice...and where is Toni Braxton when you need her?  . 

Traci so worried about not messing up the words, but she REALLY needs to be worried about not missing a note.  I know y'all...I'm giving it to her, but it's the truth. And you know what they say when the truth is said...It shall set you free.  Even you Traci, kmsl!

Don't Traci look nice!  Real slim and pretty in pink
The sister are working on Season 4.  I was surprised
to hear that! 
Now she got a standing ovation from the audience, which is probably mostly her GLAM squad , but she is not getting that satisfaction from me.  However, I will say I am very proud of Traci for moving forward with her singing career, because her sisters in the past have not been supportive. 

Moving on to Trina's performance.  Her sisters Toni and Tamar said she sounded really good and I conquer that!  But honey she looked like the TIN WO-man from The Wizard of Oz.  She was so stiff and for her to want to do club theme songs, she is going to have to loosen up.  Queen Moore says more practice Trina, you need more practice. 

Trina Braxton performing at Pregame Basketball Game
<<Episode 10

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Braxton's Season 3, Episode 10

Trina's Single Party or Go Home has really grown on me during The Braxton's Season 3, Episode 10
Trina Braxton
Back in the ATL Trina continues to work on her dance moves for her new single Game Time.  She says she has been so busy with her son's bullying issues and convincing Gabe to move to LA, that she has not had enough time to practice.  Toni Braxton though, has invited her to perform this single at an upcoming concert she has coming up, so Trina is in a frenzy to get this going with only two days of rehearsal.  Her dancers have already backed out and looks like she has to depend on her sisters Towanda and Traci for help. 

As Toni prepares for her concert she asked her sisters Trina and Towanda to do her back up, but she is also very supportive of her sister doing her single Party or Go Home too.  When Toni finds out her sisters are trying to learn this choreographer in a day, she gets pretty upset.  Trina says she is not worrying about embarrassing Toni Braxton, but rather herself.  She says she is still riding the coat tail of Toni.  Then we find out no one knows the lyrics.  Like really Trina!  Are you trying to put this thing together at the last minute? 
Towanda, Trina, and Traci performing her Single
Party or Go Home

Trina says she is willing to put in all the work, even if it takes all night!  You're very beautiful Trina, but we all need our beauty rest hunnie...I'm so glad I'm not in Traci and Towanda's shoes.  And I'm also happy to see the sisters including Traci in their music career.


Evelyn Braxton says she is really happy to be there for Tamar and the baby.  She was there for her other girls and her son and she will be there for Tamar.  However, she didn't say the stay at Tamar's was going to be easy going.  Tamar says her mother needs to watch what she eats, but Tamar still wants her mom to cook what she wants for her.  Chicken and macaroni, fried or smoother are at the top of her list. 
Tamar and her mother Evelyn at the
BET Celebration of Gospel 2013

Traci says all her sister Tamar does is shop and eat while she is pregnant.  I must say Tamar is carrying her pregnancy well and when Evelyn says she needs to attend a parenting class I was like WHAT?  Tamar says she doesn't need any parenting classes, because she watched her mother and sister raise many. 

Traci tries to give Tamar a little scare by telling her she has to push out the placenta once she pushes out the baby.  Tamar says she thought it was just suppose to fall out by itself.  Girl, I once thought that too, but you live and you learn. 
Dr. Jackie from Married to Medicine
will be delivering Tamar's baby?

The Braxton's Season 3, Episode 9

Oh my goodness, I can't believe Dr. Jackie from Married to Medicine is Tamar Braxton's OBGYN on
Dr. Jackie and Tamar,
Who would have knew Dr. Jackie from Married to Medicine is Tamar's doctor.
The Braxton's Season 3, Episode 9.  She delivered Traci and Trina's babies as well.  Tamar choose her, because her sisters walked away with no stretch marks and she wants the same. 

She says even though she is pregnant she still has 4 babies in the freezer from the in vitro, that she plans to keep.  She also question Dr. Jackie about the deliver of the baby.  Meaning how will she deliver?  Meaning will it be natural or an incision?  Vince says he is happy about the new celebration, but he is also a very nervous daddy.  Which is normal, considering this is the couple's first baby. 
This is Tamar and Vince 1st pregnancy

During the ultrasound Tamar says she was very excited to see the baby's head during her doctor's visit.  She says it looks like Vince's head and being pregnant is beautiful, hard, but most important it's cute. 

Trina's son has being having problems with bullying in school.  One wise comment Trina said about her son is you can teach a man how to be a gentleman, but you can't teach him how to be a man.  I have always had my own concept about that statement, but Trina put in it layman's terms for me.

Trina Braxton and Gabe, her husband

Later on in the show we learn Evelyn's dog Jackson died and all the sisters including the husbands and grandchildren had to attend the funeral. 

The sisters attend their mom's dog Jackson's funeral.
Source: Hello Beautiful
I mean guys it was a real come together, sit down, everybody dressed in black funeral. 

I know people treat their dogs like real people, so I will try to be sensitive to this issue and move right along.  However, before I do my favorite part was when Tamar breaks out in a song about the dog.  Now, y'all know them sisters can make up a song about anything. 

Poor Vince, he just hung his head low, but mother Evelyn was overly happy, which was what it was about.  If you are interested in seeing Tamar and her sisters in action singing the dog song, fast forward to 11:17 time


Evelyn announces she is moving to LA and Trina is thinking about the move herself for her career, but Traci says nooo way am I moving.  She thinks her baby sister Tamar needs their mother more right now, since she is pregnant. 

On another note Tamar says ain't nobody got time for that...she's referring to finding her mommy a man.  Evelyn says she is ready to date again.  She is extremely picky about her man...hint, hint Tamar's says her mother likes her man just like my daddy....she tried it!

The girls are also preparing for their mother's birthday party and Towanda's daughter Brooke will do a ballet performance.  How cute is that! However, she doesn't deliver at first.  Her mom Towanda has to give her a little push. 
Traci Braxton on her new motorcycle?
Oh yeah! She tried it

Before, the sisters leave for LA Traci shows off all the hard work she has been working on for the past couple of episodes which is riding in on the motorcycle.  Mother Evelyn says she can't do anything, but worry, because that is dangerous. 

Somebody let the secret out the bag about Tamar's
baby gender.  Find out who?

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The Braxton's Season 3, Episode 8

On The Braxton's Season 3, Episode 8 Tamar tells her mom there is a baby baking in the oven. 
The Braxtons on GMA
Tamar is pregnant and it just happen out the blue, according to her.  Is this a hint that she is having a baby boy?

Tamar and best friend Tiny
Her mother Evelyn is very happy and says this will make grand-child number 12.  Tamar says she doesn't want anyone to know, because her sisters are telling tubbies and they tell to the wrong person.  Tamar wants a girl just like herself and says she wants her mommy to move to LA with her to take care of her. 

I thought it was so cute how Tamar deliver the news to her sisters by inviting them to dinner and pouring them a glass of wine.  She asks them to take a drink to do a toast, but they notice Tamar was drinking water, which is un-usually of her.  She said the pregnancy didn't happen through the in vitro she was on during the past season, but it happen naturally.  Yay Tamar!  We at Queen Moore are very happy for you. 

Trina is back in the studio again to put the finish touches on her single Game Time.  Her first single Party or Go Home did really well!  She states her music career in Atlanta has really taken off, but she needs to move to LA for it to soar.  Gabe doesn't think it's a great ideal to move to LA, because of the cost of living there, their children are still in school, and the money he just put down on Trina's new single has stretch his pockets a little.  Brother man says he has money, but he isn't made of it. 

Meanwhile Trina goes house shopping in LA with her husband Gabe.  The realtor is the same lady that sold Nene Leakes her home in LA.  How neat is that!  The house she wants is $5 million dollars and says she will have to wear knee pads for a month, no a year to repay her husband...did you catch that, kmsl!  Gabe is not for it though.  He's in price shock and all he sees is dollar signs!

The Braxton Sisters & Vibe Magazine

Traci Braxton
before and after
weight loss. 
 She looks good
 either size.
Traci Braxton
before and after weight loss photos are the bomb dot com.  She says she has been working so hard on her body.  You can see some definition in Traci's weight in the weight loss photos.  Her secret is cutting carbs and eating vegetables.  I love the fact that when the sisters had their cook off at Tamar's house in LA, she prepared to eat.  Meaning she worked out with Sgt Tchicaya at the gym extra hard, before eating her mama's pig feet and chitterlings. 

Tamar Braxton opens up about her plastic
 surgery and  record deal

Old School, but still a jam from Toni Braxton herself. In the back you will see Trina and Tamar Braxton as the background singers. I also notice Toni Braxton has on a wedding ring and Tamar doesn't. So, apparently this video was filmed way before The Braxton Family Values. 

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Candice Glover Interview With Jay Leno

Candice Glover interviewed with Jay Leno.  She's hitting the floor running and I love it.  I have the full video below, but I have jotted down a few things that stood out to me in this 9 minute video. 

She just graces the stage so effortlessly.  One thing tho, I hate her little bye-bye wave she gives the crowd.  Candice tells Jay she is happy that the competition is over and she is glad she won as well.  Not having the stress of being cut every Wednesday is a reliever.  We all know Candice tried out twice before.  The first time she made it to the TOP 70 and the second time TOP 60. 

In season 9 Simon was not a fan of Candice.  He stated she would be a lounge singer in a hotel lobby and people would be eating peanuts and turn their heads at her unsuccessfulness.  But she says it pushed her to come back and win 3 seasons later.  Simon is such a grouch sometimes!

Candice said she was not sad Simon was not there and she is glad Mariah and Nicki were there.  She says she stayed more focus on her performance instead of Nicki and Mariah's drama. 

Candice Performs on Live with Kelly and Michael

Watch Angie Miller Streaming Video as she
performs on Live with Kelly and Michael. 
 She performs You Set Me Free
Kree Harrison performs her single All Cried Out 
on Live with Kelly and Michael I was a
little confuse that she was singing
country music?

The Braxtons Season 3, Episode 7

In The Braxtons Season 3, Episode 7 Trina and 
Towanda and Trina Braxton at Tamar's baby shower
photo source: NecoleBitchie
Towanda visited a space for the sisters store they plan to open.  Towanda learned Gabe, Trina's husband wants to be apart of the store.  Trina says Gabe has done a lot of the leg work, but she hasn't mention this to any of her sisters.  Towanda says this is the calm before the storm. 

In other news Tamar eats pig feet and chitterlings.  But Toni is too bougie to eat any of that honey.  She eats rich people food as Tamar tells all.  You know I have always do rich people go grocery shopping?  Because on the show Tamar and her mother went to the store, but Toni Braxton had to stay behind.  So, is there a special market they shop at or is that Tamar isn't as famous as I thought she was (I'm not trying to throw shade, I'm just saying).  I hear Wendy Williams all the time stating she goes to the grocery store and she hates being stop and asked to pose for a picture. 

And did you know the sisters mother Evelyn Braxton is still looking for a man, but the good news is at least she is dating.  In season 2, Miss Evelyn Braxton was getting married, but after careful consideration she stop it before it happened.  For her to be dating on her own is a big deal, her girls had way too much trouble last season for her to even take a mile in those shoes. 

All the sister fly to Tamar's home in Los Anglos to talk about opening the store.  We find out some interesting things.  For one Gabe wants to be a part of the store, Trina originally said they would have to pull out a loan from the bank to help open the store, but Tamar says they have enough money to fund the store among the five sisters.  Also, the ideal for the store was talked among the sisters only and not Gabe, but Trina feels, because she initiated some of the negotiations, she feels this is her project now.  Tamar says it was actually her who tried to start up the business, because she had a friend name Peaches, who operated a business similar to the one the sisters want to start.  Tamar says she gave Trina the phone number to contact Peaches, but the phone call never happen.  I can see how Tamar is frustrated with this.  This is a sister thing and husbands should be separated. 

Tamar Braxton House
What matters is none of the sisters want to partner with Gabe in any adventure together.  Toni says the only role she wants Gabe to play in her life is being her brother in law.

Traci Braxton wants a gun, because
people are following her? 
 Find out who?
Tamar Braxton announce BET 2013 nominees.  Chris Tucker will be the
 host this year. Tamar is also up for award for Best Female
R&B and her single Love & War.

The Braxton's Season 3 Episode 6

Again, on The Braxton's Season 3 Episode 6
The Braxton sisters celebrate the New Season of Braxton Family Values
the sisters go out to dinner to have some sister time.  They discuss their dad's birthday party coming up.  Tamar says she will hire waiters to bring her food, because she doesn't want everyone's germs.  Towanda says she is not close to her father's side of the family.  Her ratchet Aunt Bev and her ratchet daughter are on the top of the list.  One of the cousins said on Facebook they don't "F" with The Braxton Family Values, and then more cousins started talking smack about their mom, said Toni is a has been, the sisters are all hoes, and Tamar will be no more than a background singer, they hope Vince divorces Tamar, Traci is an alcoholic, and Traci needs to get a job, but she states she has had a job for 15 years.  Does Traci Braxton have a job for real?

Traci then states she went to a gun class.  She states she needs a gun, because people are following her. Boo-Boo it's called fame.  Honey you have made!  She says people are jumping out their cars saying Oh My Gosh, Traci!!! The sisters suggest she gets a bodyguard instead.  Traci you know you got a hot temper, girl get your lifeeeeee!  On another note, she states she wasn't seeking approval from her sisters, but wanted them to beware of what she thinking about doing. 

So, the girls fly out to Baltimore, Maryland for the Braxton's dad 65th birthday party.  Towanda says their was a lot of smiling facing that were nice to see.  Tamar says the party is ghetto fabulous, but it really isn't fabulous, because they are still in the ghetto, cause it has a buffet, bring your own drinks, and they have church tables in the banquet hall.  As they anticipate the arrive of Michael Braxton senior, he arrives in a cape, a pimp hat, pimp glasses, grill in his mouth, and his gold shoes.  He came passing out big money, because he says he is big daddy and big daddy always give big money. 

Aunt Beverly stands up to give her speech to welcome everyone and Towanda says she has always been ratchet.  Here's why Aunt Bev called Michael Braxton's ex wife, his baby mama.  Towanda says they were married for 35 years, there is no such thing as being a baby mama for 35 years, duh.  Tamar says one of the definition of being ratchet is when you in you 60s and you still being shady, why did you call my daddy's ex wife, his baby mama. 

The sisters get up to tell their dad they love him very much and Toni Braxton did not get the clearance from her doctor's to fly to Maryland, but they give their dad the first class cruise for his birthday as a present. 

Aunt Beverly calls Trina over to talk to her.  The sisters are ferocious about their little talk, but Trina is discussing with her about the comment she made about the sister's mother.  Aunt Beverly says the Family Value part in The Braxton's Family Values title is wrong.  I guess meaning the sisters have no value.  Deuces, Tamar says to Aunt Beverly. 

Then Braxton senior turns the music up by playing Trina's single Party or Go Home and dances with his girls.  It was really cute!

The next day the girls continue to celebrate their dad's birthday and the biggest question the sisters have is "Why do they think Aunt Beverly got up and referred to their mom as a Baby Mama?"  Braxton Senior replied with "Y'all know my sister is WHACK!" 

We also found out Evelyn Braxton is in the hospital due to diabetic complications. 

Meanwhile, Toni gets a visit from BabyFace.  Towanda set it up for BabyFace to make a visit to Toni's house, but Toni was unaware of it.  Toni Braxton met with BabyFace in 1990 and 6 months later she was doing the Boomerang soundtrack.  Toni tells BabyFace she doesn't want to sing about music anymore and he ask is she happy right now.  She says she is happy sometimes, but  with the divorce she has ups and downs.  She says when BabyFace and LA Reid signed her, they just signed her and not her sisters.  She remembers feeling torn about that, but when she made her solo career she always knew she was going to bring her sisters in it.  BabyFace says when he first met her she had so much pain in her voice and that made her hot.  People still want to hear her today and she shouldn't do a record just for success.  Michael Jackson did records for success, because he wanted to sell more and more.  He states, he thinks she just needs to take a breath and come by the studio, but he is not going to give up on her. 

View Photos of guests
from The Braxton's
Family Value Party
Season 3
The sisters
 celebrate their
dad's ratchet
 birthday party
 Toni tells us
why she no longer
wants to sing.
Evelyn has a
health scare.


The Braxtons Season 3, Episode 5

On The Braxtons Season 3, Episode 5 the whole family is in LA,
The Braxtons and their Brother Michael
because Evelyn and Michael want to make sure the entire family is united again.  Brother Michael is also in town.  The main purpose of the dinner is to end the family feud, especially between Traci and Tamar. 

Everyone goes around the table and tells what they are thankful for.  Michael says he is thankful for his parents, his sisters, and thankful he is not a girl.  Towanda is thankful that her brother named her Towanda, but not really, because she hates it.  She wants her name to be Tori, because you don't know who is coming.  However, when you hear Towanda you know exactly who is coming.  Traci doesn't like the name Traci.  She wants to be call Tiffany, Taylor, but really Torrence?  Huh?  Tamar said that is a white valley girl name. 

Traci Braxton is working it out this season in the gym with her sister Tamar, because she was ask to participate in the Charity of Walk Foundation for Women's Cancer.  They meet up at Sgt. Tchicaya Congo's gym and let me just say this true African man is hilarious.  He totally fits in with The Braxton's.  Like you can hardly understand what he is saying, but whatever comes out his mouth is funny.

Trina invited all of her sisters to lunch to discuss the opening of her store in Atlanta except for Toni Braxton, because she had to work on her new movie Twist of Faith, but she feels Tamar is the main sister that will have issues.  She wants all the sisters to be together with her to open the store.  This was originally Tamar's ideal three years ago, but now all sisters want to be involved.  Towanda definitely doesn't want their mommy to be involved, but Tamar doesn't think it would be a good ideal to exclude their mom Evelyn.  Towanda's reason is she doesn't want their store to have a mommy section and Tamar's argues that a lot of older women shop for clothes, but they don't call them clothes they call them outfits....kmsl...That Tamar, she is team too much!  Gabe, Trina's husband doesn't want any of the sisters to be included, because Trina and himself have done a lot of the work by themselves.  Plus, they have to split the money 5 ways.
Toni Braxton working on her new movie
Twist of Faith

Tamar and Toni go shopping for golf clubs for their dad's 65th birthday party.  Toni brings up the opening of the store and wanted to know what the girls talked about.  Tamar didn't see it coming when Toni took the side of her other sisters and not Tamar.  Tamar says it is not going to work, because everyone is too busy, which is the same thing they were on her about at the Tamar Intervention Therapy Session.  Tamar brings up to Toni that maybe they should send their dad on a cruise for his birthday instead of buying golf clubs.  She said she could picture her dad making inappropriate jokes and gambling, which is something he does anyway.

Traci's PSA on the Charity of Walk Foundation for Women's Cancer turned out really good.  However during the speech she just call you white girls Albino's?  Girl, get your life!  Was you nervous of something?  I mean geesh, you practiced before you went up there, so what happen.  ?
Traci Braxton is sister of Toni Braxton
Toni Braxton says she doesn't love music anymore.  She says it is stressful and not fun anymore.  She says she is upset with herself, because she doesn't feel that thing for it anymore.  Towanda tells her all the things she has gone through the past few years she is suppose to be stress and Towanda says maybe she should write about it in her music.  Toni says she can't listen to the radio or look at the award show, because she hates it.  She says if she sings it and doesn't feel it, people will notice it.  Read more as she discuss this with Essence Magazine. 
Did you know Toni
 Braxton's sister
Towanda Braxton
was  arrested  before
 her fame.  So is
the responsible one?
Read more on Toni's
 Lifetime Network

Toni wants an apology from Tamar, because
of the spin off show about Tamar and Vince
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