Braxton Family Values

Season Three Recap

Tamar announced her pregnancy on GMA.  Since then she has delivered a baby boy.  No names or pictures released yet.  
Episode 3
  • Tamar continues to promote her Love and War single.
Episode 4
  • Toni Braxton comes back to Dr. Sherry's office and says she doesn't want to be involve in her sister's argument.
Episode 5
  • All of the sisters included their mom, dad, and brother fly to LA to try and end the feud between the sisters for good. 
Episode 6
  • The sister's dad birthday is coming up and they can't stand their ratchet Aunt Bev
Episode 7
  • Tamar tells her sisters she being doing it and she is pregnant.  Find out who spills the beans about the sex of the baby!!
Episode 8
  • Tamar tells her mom Evelyn about her pregnancy.  Find out reaction to the new bundle of joy being added. 
Episode 9
  • Tamar sit down and talks to her OB-GYN, which is Married to Medicine's reality start Dr. Jackie.
Episode 10
  • Toni performs even though she is thinking about giving her music career and Traci finally performs with her sisters.
Episode 11
  • Tamar's baby bump is showing and Toni says it is time for her to retire the heels and get into a more comfort shoe. 

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