Saturday, April 6, 2013

TGIF: Thank God I'm FREE!!!

It's Friday!!! Many of us have been waiting for this day since

We started this week with Easter on Sunday, April Fool's on Monday, and it ends with "Peanut Colada" on Friday...Only joking! And I was actually trying to say "Pina Colada."

Braxton Family Values

 I was  watching those sisters on "Braxton Family Values" today and heard the sister's mother say she wanted a virgin "Peanut Colada," and I was like what in the world is that.  But I guess it's been some years since she had her one of those feel good drinks, that she ended up calling it a "Peanut Colada."

Really Quick!!!!

There are a few things I am obsessed about this week.  As you know I am the queen of my castle, but I am also the queen of reality television watching.  I really need to find better things to occupy my time, but dang it....I am a reality television fanatic.    Okay, so here is what I am obsessed about, starting with Sunday all the way to Friday:

1. The Bible on the History Channel
2. Atlanta Housewives on Bravo
3. Married to Medicine on Bravo
4. Celebrity Apprentice on NBC
5. American Idol on Fox
6. Survivor on CBS
7. Scandal on KTBS
8. Braxton Family Values on WE TV

The Bible television show on the History Channel
The Bible  television show has aired on the "History Channel" for the past five weeks, and oh my sweet baby Jesus hasn't it been dramatic!!!!

If you hadn't thought about ever picking up your Bible to read it, this series would have definitely made you attempt to.  I have been following the story in my bible and the story line is actually quite similar to that of the Bible.  Wow right?! Who would of knew?  But on a serious note, the show had me in tears every week.  I am a visual person and I loved the blood, the knives, the yelling, the fighting, and all of the other glory in the television show. 

Oh!!! and I can't leave out the fact that this is a great picture of Jesus.  And we know Jesus is perfect in all his ways, but a fashion tip I think this picture could use is a squeeze or just a pinch of Carmex.  I'm sorry! I was loving everything about it and was thinking to myself this is gorgeous, until I got to the lips.  Please don't judge me...God had to have a sense of humor when he created me.

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