Monday, April 8, 2013

Dawn has stepped up

Survivor, South Cameron aired April 3, 2013.

Survivor, Caramoan
If you don't know who Dawn is she is the lady in the picture to my left. 

Also, take a peek at who is peeking back at you...It's fury and human looking, with big eyes. I'm not sure what to call it....Any suggestions???

Initially, I thought that thing was sooo cute, but he's kind of scary glancing at him now...What is that?

The top five things I want to bavardage about:
First, I just want to say I learned a new word.  You know how we are when we learn something new!  We use it all the time, even when it doesn't make sense.  But "BAVARDAGE" means to chit chat.  Ain't that nice!  I love it!  So let's BAVARDAGE on HONEY...
Dawn made a power move to keep her in the game a lot longer this time around.  I was so proud of her.  She is like my quiet little flower that has sprouted after being sprinkled with a little water, but that has overcome a major force.  I'm so happy she opened her pretty little mouth and told somebody about Corinne's big plans.  Along side from that I was also interested in the fact she is a mom to six children.  She shared with us how a million dollars could change her family's life.  By her simply saying that, it makes me like her a lot more and I can feel what she is saying.  I just hope she continues to make more great moves in the game.
That fury human looking thing with those big eyes. Omg, look at the fingers.  There's nothing more I can say. Can someone tell me what this thing is?
 Corrine gets voted out, but she went out with a bang.  Now, her bang wasn't as outrageous as Brandon, but I loved the blindside.

She was so asking for this vote on this episode. 

You will notice how she received a lot of television time, but I notice how much smack she was talking. 

But my absolutely favorite moment was the look she had on her face when her name was read I believe 7 times as she was being voted off.....Lol, priceless.  On this episode the tribes merge and I believe she felt like she had all the cards in her hand...WRONG, little ladybug.  However, I am going to miss her.  She was a really good social player and I really thought she was going to make it farther than she did in the game.

4. Phillip.... 
5. Cochran,  HE WON IMMUNITY!
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