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Lauryn Hill serving jail time for her Tax Woes

Lauryn Hill arrives at court
Photo Credit: Dave Kotinsky
Last month on April 23, 2013 Lauryn Hill went before a judge for a plea bargain.  The Judge came down on her pretty hard, because this was not the first time she was in court for owing taxes.  As we all know U.S Magistrate Judge Madeline Cox Arleo was the sentencing judge and she was also the judge to negotiate with Lauryn Hill on plea bargain on an amount totaling up to about $554,000

Okay, so let me give you the scope on how I feel the justice system is and how they played my girl Lauryn, because honey she paid that portion of taxes that she owed and plus some.  There is no reason why I agree with the judge and everybody who stated Lauryn Hill should  be serving jail time for her tax woes. 

I read on Essence Magazine website that Miss Lauryn Hill paid about $994,000 right before they gave her 3 months in jail and 3 months on home confinement ( sounds like house arrest to me).  You know everybody is trying to make this about a race thing and I think I'm going to have to join them for just a bit. 

Before I read the updated story on Lauryn Hill's tax problems for myself, I first heard on the radio about Lauryn being sentence to jail time, and I originally thought it was for her not paying her taxes.  You know I was saying to myself, well that's just the consequence that she has to face for not holding up her part of the deal with the judge and I all I could think about was her six children.  But when I found out Lauryn Hill paid what she agreed to pay, plus about a half million more I was in utter shock. 

I have 3 reasons why I'm mad at the judge and Lauryn Hill's lawyers

Grammy Winner Lauryn Hill in Federal Court April 2013 for owing taxes

#1...I'm mad at the fact that they ask her to pay her taxes, but not only did she pay what she was suppose to, she paid a little extra.  Well, actually a lot, because for her to pay almost another half million dollars on top of what she already owes is pretty freakin awesome in my book. 

#2...I feel like they took advantage of Lauryn.  You know I can see her lawyers telling her, "Miss Lauryn Hill the more you pay, the more the judge will be on your side and it looks really good for your case."  Wrong!  I wonder did Lauryn just fire all her lawyers on the spot, because they obvious didn't know what they were talking about.  If I was her, I would have let them all go the instance I was sentence to jail time, because I know she was not expecting that.  I mean how could you?

#3...The only other thought wondering through my head is her six kids.  I read something on a blog that caught my attention.  It said something like "Lauryn know she was stupid for running after a man and having six damn kids with him and for what...cause he is with another woman."  True, true, but honey in a trail of love, you are never your best judgement (some of y'all gone get that sooner than later I hope).  Yes, it's crazy to have six kids by someone you are you no longer with, but hell she didn't know she wasn't going to be this man after producing that sixth kid.  But in realness, I hope her kids are cared for while she is serving her time. 

Lauryn Hill leaving federal court 4/22/13 tax woes
photo credit:
If you interested to know in details about how Lauryn Hill even got herself into this mess, keep reading below

First before I you catch up on Lauryn Hill sentence update!  Doesn't she just look FAB with her low natural hair cut and court room clothing.  If owing taxes makes you look like that, I would want to look like that everyday.  This picture was taken after she left federal court in Newark, NJ.  Her facial expression gives a different story though.  She kind of looks tick off, but if I were her, I would be smiling from ear to ear.  Here's why...

Monday April 22, 2013 Lauryn Hill was schedule to appear in federal court for not paying taxing on her earning for 1.8 million dollars from 2005 to 2007.  During her first appearance in court back in 2012 Hill promised she would pay $554,000 before her sentencing on Monday.  However, she only paid $50,000.

The judge came down very hard on Lauryn Hill's sentencing!  And says she has until May 6, 2013 to get the money paid.  Lauryn Hill's U.S Magistrate Judge Madeline Cox Arleo told Lauryn Hill she is not someone who stands before the court penniless...What a way to tell her Judge!  This is a criminal matter and action speaks louder than words.  And there has been no effort here to pay these taxes. 

Lauryn Hill sat in court and did not speak, however her attorney told LA Times, he would seek a sentencing plea for the mother of six and plans to have her sign off on a loan for two properties.  Her attorney stated she should have these paid by May 3. 

Also...Read about other Tax Evaders
Wesley Snipes served a 3 year sentence for his tax woes.  He recently was released from jail.

Wesley Snipes owed about $7 million dollars in taxes.
He served time for his.  Miss Lauryn I suggest you pay
your dues. 

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