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American Idol Finalist 2013 Episode 30 Season 12

American Idol Finalist 2013 (Left to Right) Amber Holcomb, Candice Glover,
Ryan Seacrest, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller Photo Credit:
The American Idol Finalist 2013 CONTINUE TO COMPETE.  For the first time in years American Idol finalist's are all female.
I have 5 Critiques about tonight's show:
1.   Angie Miller on that freaking piano.
2.   Amber Holcomb's Oreo outfit.
3.   Nicki Minaj is engaged?
4.   Candice Glover and Angie singing Rhianna's Stay  
5.   Who are my top 3 Idols?
Before I go on any further, I just want to give mad props to Angie Miller.  After what she did with Beyoncé's song Halo last week, I knew this week's performance would blow us away. 

Let me show you what I'm talking about...

Below is Angie Miller's Performance from last week.  Oh and by the way I got this from American Idol's YouTube page, so of course there is about 30 seconds of promo stuff, so please be patient and please listen all the way through.  The song is only 2.47 minutes long.

Didn't she do good?! 
This week on American Idol the idol stars visited a children's hospital.  The children on the outside look very healthy and normal and you really couldn't tell that there was anything wrong with them, by their general appearance.  And by the way they were running around and playing like normal children.  Any who!
I was touched the most by Angie's visit to the hospital.  You know how God gives us all a gift and then we use that gift to help others, that's how I feel about Angie.  Let me explain...
To the right: Angie Keys, I mean Angie Miller from American Idol To the left: Alicia Keys.
I posted this picture, because there is significance in it.
If you have been keeping up with American Idol, you know that Angie Miller has a gift to play the piano.  To me the piano is her voice, because it has such a beautiful flow when she is behind it.  When Angie was at the children's hospital, she sat down with one of the kids to play them a song and immediately the little boy wanted to join in.  Now I don't know if he wanted to join, because it was something to bang on or if he could feel the anointing from her hands.  But my thing is, when you have such a powerful gift and you can feel that through the television, that has to be some powerful stuff.  Y'all this girl is so talented.  She reminds me of Alicia Keys.
Amber Holcomb was my Midnight Oreo Snack
Girl you look like a tall glass of milk!  American Idol's Amber Holcomb.
Listening to Amber last night, I don't know what type of artist she wants to be.  Her sound is a mixture of the late great Whitney Houston and Donna Summers.  But Whitney Houston definitely is the strength of her vocals.  When she did Beyoncé's Crazy in Love single, I could see her in that area too.  But I'm not really sure!?  I agree with Nicki Minaj that she looks more beautiful with each performance and she has also been on her hair, fashion, and make-up game. 
If you like the picture above, you may also enjoy some more glam from American Idol season 12's Amber Holcomb:
American Idol Amber Holcomb
Candice Glover on American Idol Season 12
Episode 20
Alright Candice Glover candy girl.  Girlfriend I enjoyed your second performance last night of Emotions.  I guess, because I have heard Destiny Child sing it.  One thing that stood out to me last night was when the judges said they don't need to hear your runs in every song you do, but for fans like myself we want to hear that.  Beyoncé gives us runs the entire time, so don't let the judges stir you too much away from that. 
American Idol's Kree Harrison
I'm not a big country fan as you can tell, lol! But I can listen to Kree Harrison sing it all day long.  The judges did not like her first performance, but I loved both performances.  Especially, the little dance moves she does on stage.  You know one thing I hate about what the judges say about Kree is they tell her they love the blues tone in her voice and the country-rock, but when she performed last night I felt like she gave us all of that and they still hated both of her performances.  I just don't get it.  I'm sad that Keith Urban didn't enjoy neither performance. 
 This is so old, but...
Nicki Boo! I didn't know you were
ring.  I believe the lucky guy
is standing behind her. 
I did not know Nicki Minaj was engaged to a guy by the name of SB. In the picture below, he is the guy behind her I do believe...It looks like this news has been out since 2010.  You guys know how much I love me some Nicki Minaj.  I feel like the last one to find out about this mess.  Then it's so confusing, because when we were first getting to know her I thought she was attracted to women.  Ugh.  Somebody help!
 It's tough to say who is the winner after tonight's performance.  All of the girls sang their hearts out.  It feels like a real competition.  My favorites last night was Angie Miller and second favorite was of course Candice Glover.  If I had to say my third favorite it would Kree Harrison, but I'm kind of torn between her and Amber Holcomb
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I love all of you who follow me.  It's not easy being real, but watching real-ity television makes it seem effortless.  Also Please watch Candice Glover and Angie Miller singing Rihanna version of Stay.  Enjoy my love's!!!
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