Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday's Drama

Hey my loves. 

Sorry, I didn't post anything on Sunday.  My Sunday started off kind of slow, but was filled with much drama by the end of the night.  I really don't know where to start from, but here is the scope.

So, yesterday afternoon, I decided to workout for about 30 minutes and I usually use the music on our ondemand cable television.  My workout started out as normal and 15 minutes into the workout I decided to change the music ondemand to a different station.  Boy ole Boy why did I do that? So, for anyone who has Comcast cable, I'm not sure how you feel about them, but I absolutely dislike them.  You know there are a lot of things in this world you can dislike or make a big noise about, but something as luxurious as cable should not ruffle anyone's feathers.  Oh my goodness, but it did.  Sunday's are big reality shows for me.  Here is my list of shows I missed on television last night.

This is how I felt after my service stop working.  It's a shame
we take it so drastic, but we have to go there sometimes.
Check out the website.  It has some video's about customers
just like you and me

1. Atlanta Housewives Reunion part 1
2. Married to Medicine
3. Celebrity Apprentice
4. The Sheards
5. I almost missed Fix My life with Iyanla
6. The Gospel Celebration and I really wanted to see Tamala Mann and my girl Tamar Braxton

Ugh, I can just about scream as I am writing this.  Thank goodness we have cable in other rooms, but Comcast says  the cable boxes have lost all signals.  My sweet significant other watches a couple of my favorite reality television shows, but he choose not to watch any of those shows above with me, because he is about 2-3 weeks behind.  So, I feel like I suffered a little. 

Remember the Martin show?  This
wasn't my first choice of reality rewind, but
he made me laugh.  You know what they
say about a man who can make you
Boo-hoo...So on another note I went to the Comcast office and called several times to get the problem fixed and you know what they tell me?  There's an outage. You know I just need to let it go, but you all know I live for my television.  So, if you are wondering how I am making it, I'll tell you.

1. Rewinds of Martin
2. Rewinds of the day time court shows
3. Rewinds on BET
4. Rewinds on Bravo

Hope your day is going swell and I'll be posting more stuff today.  The time that I am unattached from my television, I will use to update my blog and get some more stuff posted.  Here are some things I want to talk about:

The couple toured Havana on April 4.
(Ramon Espinosa/AP Photo)
1. Beyoncé and Jay Z's Cuba troubles after celebrating their 5 year anniversary on April 4, 2013. Plus did you see her Pepsi commercial?
2. Recipes that are very easy to make.
3. I have a Youtube video I found online this morning that was very inspiring.
4. I want to talk about some fashion. Hopefully, some Atlanta fashion.  I saw how good they look from the commercials. 

Stay tune!

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