Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Antonina L. Griffen

I finally found the video!!!

Monday I was checking my FB Page and someone posted and shared a video of this lady name Antonina.  Her story is so inspiring and as I stated on my FB post it is motivating me to keep pressing my way to my journey. 

What I saw in the video is a young lady who started with nothing, she went through her trials to make her stronger, and in the end God blessed her with everything that was meant for her. 

I spoke with my mom today and she told me a story about Oprah Winfrey.  I'm not sure how true this story is, but I would like to share with you.  Plus, how can you turn down a good story from your mom. 

So, my mom told me when Oprah first started her career, she didn't pay herself a lot.  She just paid enough to maintain her bills.  Oprah did this for 3 years.  By saving her money and working hard she became a billionaire instead of just a millionaire.  The moral of the story was to keep working hard and harvesting what you enjoy to do. 

I hope Antonina L. Griffen's story blesses you. 

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