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American Idol Episode 26

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American Idol Episode 26 really touched my heart tonight. 

Never on American Idol have I seen the judges so emotional for a contestant.  I mean Burnell Taylor was a very good singer and that's just putting it mildly.  The thing I hate about Idol is, you put them in a category to sing a song that you know they will really never record.  Like I could not see Burnell singing rock and offense.  But seriously Idol... And for you guys not to use the save that's pretty messed up.  Like who are you saving it for? 

I was so upset when they didn't save Burnell for another night to perform, but find out why I had a change of heart and who they use the Idol save for.

From last night's episode all the judges gave some encouraging words, except Mariah Carey for Burnell.  I saw her crying and I know she loves Burnell, but geesh did Idol forget to let us hear what she had to say to Burnell.  I'll give you a little credit Mariah I did see you give him a great big squeeze of a hug.

American Idol Judges

Once again, I thought what the judges had to say last night to Burnell was very inspiring and so I decided to jot down exactly what was said:

Candice: Oh, My God I love you.

Amber: Yay! she smooch my boy.  I knew she had a thing for him.  He of course already let the cat out the bag last week.

Kree: I'm not like worrying about you.  I know you're about to take over the world.  I selfishly just don't want to be without you.

Nicki Minaj: Your life, your childhood and everything reminds me of so much of what I went through as a child.  and no matter what you do, winning Idol has nothing to do with where you life is going to go and I really love you.

Keith: Just make a record and I'll go and buy it.

Randy Jackson: All you guys should realize this...this is just the beginning.

Okay, here is what I was you think they didn't show what Mariah had to say to Burnell, because it wasn't as good as what Nicki Minaj said.  You know I get so frustrated when Mariah talks on Idol, because it seems like her mouth is moving at 1mph.  Sorry Mariah...I still love you and want to meet you someday.  Oh and by the way have you notice the way Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are getting along a little better each episode?!

American Idol Top 6
Checkout there names to the right.
HERE'S OUR TOP SIX: (left to right)

1.Kree Harrison
2.Angie Miller
3.Candice Glover
4.Jenelle Arthur
5.Amber Holcomb
6. Lazaro Arbos

The Idols revealed on this episode some things that we may not know about them and here's the list:

1.Angie is on YouTube
2.Amber eats cooked frozen shrimp
3.Candice speaks a different dialect?  No wonder the other Idols can't understand what she is saying half of the time.

Read what I thought
about the Idol's
performance last
American Idol has a 5th judge who is just as opinionated as Miss Nicki Minaj...Here's what I thought...

Lazaro, nooooooo. just all wrong! But my bet is he will be in the top 3 again and he will be back next week. I love him so much though.  But when Nicki told Ryan to cue the music, because if she gives her feedback to him they would be there all night...I almost passed out...So, after he gets finish with his second song choice, no judges applauded...Also, keep in mind he is the only remaining guy.

Kree is a force to be reckon with.  My guess is she may be our Idol 2013.  But wait she didn't wear those black leather pants for like the third week in the row did she?

Janelle honey! I agree with Nicki...I was very bored.  And I also feel she keeps taking us to a very good place meaning some weeks her song choice and voice are perfect.  But this week I felt unsure with her performances.  She could be in the bottom 3 again.  However, I can sense American Idol really likes her.  Like Nicki said she is very commercial and has that commercial look.

Look how slim and sleek Randy Jackson looks.
I loved Angie's second song choice.  I wish for once she would get lost in the lyrics and not care about the camera or how she looks.  It comes off as fake and not real.  Every week I feel the judges are preaching this to her.  However, you did really good on the piano.  But a piece of advice Angie "Tap Into That Piano every week."  Mariah told you last night you never lose with the piano, it was perfect, and the right moment. 

Amber!  I loved your blue jean romper in your first performance...and your second song choice was awesome.  It's such a delight when someone can sing a Beyoncé song.  Like Nicki Minaj said WORK and Randy said you in it to win it.  Omg those pink pumps! 
Amber Holcomb singing Beyoncé's Love on Top

Who is this girl Candice Glover? OMG! I loved her last night.  Nicki Minaj said we should of had a women's revival last night.  Keith put her in his top 3 and stated she became his favorite.  For me her first song choice was great, but the 2nd song choice blew me away.  I believe she can win this.  My only complaint is, who is her stylist.  I can't understand why every week Kree and Candice are in those black leather pants.  She is a woman with curves. Um! Curves are in! Oh, Oh and Oh...she says she loves to sing about love songs.  Girl, I love to hear a good love song! Your second song choice brought chills up and down my spine, my arms, my face, my neck, my everything.  You did that! She gave that ugly face, that rawness in her voice, and that sweet melody at the end.  OMG! and when Mrs. Mariah gave her glitter in her face I didn't know what to do with myself.  She literally got all my votes....literally!!!

My favorite singles sung by: Burnell Taylor
Fantasia's - I'm Here
Reuben Studdard's - Flying Without Wings
Stevie Wonders' - My Cherie Amour
India Arie's -  Ready for Love
John Legend's - This Time (just watch the first 2 minutes only, the judges critique the rest of the way)

Kelly Clarkson on Tuesday April 7, 2013 at the
Country Music Awards Absolutely Beautiful
Tune in Thursday to watch  Kelly Clarkson on Idol.

Other News on Idol:
Would you Pay $199.99 for Nicki's new Pink Pill Box?

After, watching Candice Glover last night, I can understand why the Idol save is being saved. 

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